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This article was updated on 18 December, 2020.

Join a growing team of people who have contributed an article to MMM magazine. Follow our simple instructions below for a chance to get yourself published in Britain’s most popular motorhome magazine.
If you need more advice contact the MMM editorial team

How to write a travel article for MMM


From a weekend away somewhere close, to an amazing adventure around Europe or further afield, send us details of your travel adventures
Word Limit: 2,000 words
Maps: Please supply a screenshot from Google maps (or another map provider) that clearly shows your route with a start and a finish sign
Facts: details of where you stayed, your motorhome, holiday mileage, total costs. The tour must have taken place in the previous four to six months
Photos: Good selection needed.
Want to know more? Read our MMM travel guidelines here


Tell other readers about your favourite independent campsites (not Caravan Club or Camping and Caravanning Club) and get paid £40 if we publish it…
We need 300 words describing the campsite and reasons to visit the area. Be fair: praise good points and criticise any shortcomings.
We also need 4-8 good photos (at least 2 megapixels) including the local scenery and attractions, as well as the campsite itself. Include a recent head-and-shoulders (mugshot) picture of yourself. Please keep individual emails below 10Mb or ask us for DropBox access.
Please also separately list site information, to include:

  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Web
  • Open dates
  • Charges
  • Nearest public transport
  • Nearest pub/restaurant
  • Directions


TESTED: Owner reports

Let fellow readers know exactly what your motorhome is like to live with – the good, the bad and the details. Earn £250 for the if we publish it.

You need: to have owned your motorhome for at least 12 months.

We need:

  • Up to 1,700 words
  • A sentence each on
  1. Why you bought it
  2. What you love
  3. How you would change it
  4. When you buy your next van what will you look for?
  • Specification should include all the details shown in the downloadable template
  • 12 good quality photos of the motorhome inside and out. These should show as much of each aspect as possible, including lounge, bedroom (or bed), washroom and kitchen at the very least. 
  • A photo of you (head and shoulders)

For more help and a full list of the details and photos needed: 
Download the template and information sheet




Get technical. Offer readers your tips and advice on DIY projects, large and small that you have done to make the most of your motorhome. We accept two types:

  • How To articles: Step by step so needs an introduction covering safety aspects, sourcing parts and reasons for decisions taken (if there were multiple options or methods) Each step should have a picture and a caption describing the method followed. Include the time taken to complete the project and tools needed.
  • My Project articles: More of a general diary of the project undertaken, explaining the reasons behind it, the options chosen and the result. Please supply as many pictures of the project as possible, with before and after photos if applicable. Make sure you include the following - 'Project summary' (including what you learnt), 'What I spent' and 'How long it took'

Submit a DIY article or ask for more instructions by email

Also, why not send us a DIY top tip and be in the running to win a prize?



We are always willing to consider motorcaravan-related consumer articles. Illustrations or photographs are required.
To get more info, send the MMM Team an email



Are you passionate about some facet of motorcaravanning? Does something attached to the hobby really get your goat? Or do you have some good information to pass to other motorcaravanners? Then submit a My View!

If you wanted to highlight a delightful area you have found, comment on an amusing holiday experience or had an amazing short break but don't feel quite up to writing a full travel article, then submit a My Travels. 

Send us 650 light-hearted and entertaining words, plus two photographs to illustrate your point, and a picture of yourself. We will pay £80 for each article chosen for publication. Please be aware there is a high-level of submissions for this feature, so there may be a delay between submitting and article and seeing it in print if it is accepted. 

Email your My View article to the magazine

Email your My Travels article to the magazine



If you would prefer to send your article by normal mail, address the envelope to:

Warners Group Publications
West Street
PE10 9PH



Minimum requirements:
High resolution digital images (which you may need to send on CD/DVD). You can also send these to us via Dropbox (use [email protected] as the email address), We Transfer or other photo sharing services.
Sharp colour prints (minimum size 6in by 4in)
Prints should bear the name and address of sender - please use permanent ink. Do not send slides or negatives. Prints will be returned after publication. 



Before submitting your article, click here to read the terms and conditions. By submitting an article it is understood that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.



Articles that have been accepted and held awaiting publication in MMM must not offered for publication elsewhere (there is likely to be a considerable delay as we always have a wealth of copy on file). In addition, if you write regularly for another UK motorhome magazine, do not submit articles for consideration for publication in MMM.