Insurance quote details for motorhomes in MMM


Insurance figures quoted by Shield Total Insurance are based on a motorhome stored in a CaSSOA Gold site, driver aged 50, plus a spouse, both having no claims or convictions in the last five years. The quote given is based on a 5,000-mile limit. Vehicles over £50,000 quoted with a Cat 7 tracking system fitted. Subject to policy terms and conditions. Shield Total Insurance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. † denotes the need for a Pro-active tracker to be fitted. † Where NA is quoted, motorhome needs individual referall to the underwriter due to high value.

Quote supplied for the Carthago Chic C-line I5.3 QB SL reviewed in August 2020 MMM issue was based on £98,820 price from not the £111,055 priced as tested as the insurance company would need to refer this motorhome to the underwriters.