Covid-19 Policy



The safety of our visitors and exhibitors is Warner's number one priority.

We will continue to comply with government guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 and work together with the venue and local council to ensure your safety on site.

COVID-19 guidance is constantly being reviewed and Warner’s will look to follow the relevant guidance at that time on our show sites.

We will implement a number of steps to keep our customers and exhibitors safe in-line with government guidance including:


 CDS (Crowd Density Standard)

Warner’s will allow for the Crowd Density Standard in accordance with government guidance. By controlling the density, appropriate social distancing will occur by consideration of both the number of people and potential pinch points to determine the number of people in that area.


Registration is required to enter site and pre-registration is strongly advised.

This will provide means to minimise queuing and contact, allowing Warner’s to assist with contact tracing if necessary.

Contact tracing

Be aware that Warner’s will offer assistance to authorities in contact tracing efforts in accordance with the countries regulations by ensuring everyone on site has registered. 

Floor planning

Considering solutions such as one-way visitor traffic will create a logical flow through the show. This can prevent bottlenecks in addition to cross walking, keeping CDS guidelines at all times.

Event walkways may be demarcated to communicate the monitored flow.

1 metre social distancing guidance.

Aisle widths will be wide enough to accommodate the number of people in that area.

Food & Beverage on-site

Warner’s along with the catering partners will look to provide take away food, served pre-packaged or in closed containers.

Seating areas will continue to be arranged to follow the CDS.


Warner’s will ensure any queuing areas are clearly marked with relevant social distancing.

2m will be recommended for queueing areas at this time.

Enhanced cleaning regime

We will continue with enhanced cleaning, including fogging of toilets on some sites. Cleaners will be directed to have an increased focus on key touch points, including restrooms, food and beverage areas, and help points. 

Limitation on numbers of people at one time using toilet areas will be monitored.

Hand sanitizer stations

Hand sanitiser stations will be positioned at key locations throughout the event, including restrooms and food and beverage locations. With signage around site encouraging all on-site to use regularly.

Enhanced first aid

Warner’s will offer 24 hour first aid on-site for anyone needing advice. A first aid contact number will be published for people to call.

There will be a Covid 19 quarantine room available on-site.

Event signage

Signage will be displayed prominently, in common areas, around site and this together with public addresses will repeat messages about the importance of maintaining physical distance and the importance of washing and sanitising hands in addition to other best practices.       

Face masks

You will be asked to wear a face mask on events where stands are indoors.

Face masks must be worn when viewing vehicles for sale on site.  Please sanitize hands before entering vehicles also.

Information office

We will have an information office on our rally show sites to answer any queries you may have.  Limited numbers at any one time will be permitted.

Entertainment venues

We will endeavour to bring you entertainment on our shows for 2021, as advertised.  We will continue to follow guidance.  This may mean numbers have to be limited.  Currently face masks must be worn in entertainment venues when not seated.