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The Verdict

A front lounge motorhome provides a lounge situated just behind the cab, while the kitchen and washroom are pushed toward the rear. This layout is suited to those who like to entertain or relax in comfort at the front of the motorhome. Typically, there is a choice of twin facing sofas (one down either side), an inward facing sofa and a dinette or an inward facing bench opposite an L-shaped settee. The A-class design favours the front lounge layout, but this layout can be found in other models.

At a glance

The pros and cons of a front lounge are:

  • Sociable layout for entertaining
  • Front dinettes can provide fully-belted travel seats
  • The cab seats can often be swivelled and used as extra seating in the lounge area
  • Motorhomes with facing side settees will not be equipped to carry rear passengers
  • The front dinettes can often not be as comfortable as settees as they are also designed as travel seats
  • Side settee table blocks walkway

Full details

The front lounge layout is a traditional layout often found in smaller motorhomes and van conversions

Many front lounge motorhomes offer two inward-facing 'bench' settees, which, with the cab seats swivelled, creates a spacious lounging area. 

However, this means that as there are no belted travel seats on these side-on sofas, so the number of travellers is limited to just two.

A large free-standing table can often be placed in the middle of the settees for dining and, at bedtime, the two benches can be easily pulled together to make one large double bed.

A second front lounge layout is one with an inward-facing settee oposite a Pullman (or front) dinette.

Aside from the instant dining area, this type of front lounge can have many benefits for families, including importantly up to four rear belted travel seats. It is possible however that only the two forward-facing seats will have three-point-belts.

The problem here is that four out of five times, the cab seats won't swivel due to the dinette, which can really segregate the cab from the living area. 

In this type of lounge you'll often find three berths. A double in the dinette and a settee single.

The final variant on this front lounge layout features an inward-facing bench opposite an L-shaped settee.

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