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IT’S very satisfying to enjoy great tasting, healthy and refreshing water once you’re comfortably pitched on the campsite in your motorhome or caravan.

But stocking up on bottled water can be expensive and carrying lots of them also adds significant weight to your vehicle and takes up much-needed space. It can also work out extensive.

Water provided via tap at some campsites is perfectly safe to drink but while the water may be ok the tap or the attached hosepipe may be contaminated.

General Ecology’s drinking water purification systems are designed to make your water safe, convenient and delicious. The systems – which are water purifiers rather than just filters - are used by leading airlines all over the world.

They work without chemical additives and without electricity, no waste water and no hold time guaranteeing perfect results every time. They are instantly effective against all three classes of contaminants – including specific chemicals, parasitic cysts, tastes, colours, odours, bacteria and viruses.

The ideal solution is to plumb the water purifier into the cold water system and install a separate tap as you only filter the water you drink if you use a separate tap. To install, add a tee-piece to the cold water inlet and take a tube from the tee-piece to the filter and from the filter to the new tap.

It’s been said that the most difficult part of the process is probably drilling the correct size hole in the worktop. And if you can’t fit a Nature Pure filter in your motorhome then opt for the portable Trav-L-Pure system instead.

Nature Pure cartridge
Nature Pure cartridge
In 2001, MMM Editor Mike Jago told readers through the motorhome magazine that he had previously fitted a Nature-Pure water purifier (from General Ecology), with separate tap for filtered water, to his then motorhome and that he was very pleased with the results.

He then explained he was going to fit another such system to his new motorhome telling readers: “Again, I have opted for the US-manufactured Nature-Pure Ultrafine undersink unit with faucet. There were a number of factors influencing my decision.

“First, the purifier claims to remove all classes of pollutant including micro-organisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia (and, as such, should not be confused with a simple filter – which will remove large particles and taint).

“Second, this system is easy to fit under the sink in a motorcaravan. And third, having its own dedicated tap means that one only filters the amount of water one chooses (thereby saving on replacement filter cartridges). Last, but not least, the Ultrafine has been upgraded since our previous purifier, but has retained all the old model’s robustness and evident quality.”

Other reviews’ comments in other independent magazines have included:

“Several companies have tested the virtues of various water filter systems for the home and for the leisure sector, ands the Nature Pure system

“What we have is water that tastes really good all the time and best of all, I still don’t buy bottled water. I am one hundred percent certain that this is a safe method of making our drinking water pure and healthy. Why spend money on bottled water when you can have it from your own tap?”

“If you drink several litres of water a week as is recommended then, long –term, you will save money. Not least, you will also be assured that the water you drink is one hundred per cent safe. I was really impressed by the ease of fitting.

“There was a noticeable improvement in taste. It tasted fresh with that very slightly sweet flavour of some bottled waters.”

So, there you have it. Proof that the General Ecology systems really work and represent excellent value for money.

Visit www.purewateronline.co.uk for further details (link will open in a new window/tab)

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