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Christmas gifts and accessories special


Our 2021 Christmas gift ideas

Merry Christmas! It's that time of year again and our editors have all picked their favourite gifts for this Christmas. Whatever your budget, or whoever you are buying for, our Christmas gift ideas will have something for everyone. From staying snuggly in chilly weather, to the latest and greatest equipment available today, with many of these items having great savings and special offers available. We hope you enjoy our Christmas shopping list, and merry Christmas!

Selk’bag Original 6G



Selkbag Original 6G

(Photo courtesy of Selk’bag)

About Selk’bag Original 6G

If you love your winter camping like we do, you probably love a comfy, snuggly sleeping bag, too. These are perfect for keeping you toasty warm on chilly winter nights, but isn’t it horrid in the morning when you have to crawl out of your cosy cocoon?

Well, now you don’t have to, because the Selk’bag is a wearable sleeping bag! Featuring removable booties, it can be worn inside and out, too. There’s also an adjustable hood, and a kangaroo pocket for storing all your essential items, or pet kangaroo.

It’s available in unisex sizes S, M, L and XL and colour choices are black, blue, green and purple.

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Valiant Cocktail Multi-Tool



Valiant Cocktail Multi-Tool

(Photo courtesy of Valiant Fireside)

About Valiant Cocktail Multi-Tool

If you have a designated cutlery drawer in your camper, it’s unlikely to be as capacious as your one at home, which means the likes of potato mashers and ice cream scoops will have to stay home alone. A bottle opener and corkscrew will, of course, make the grade because, let’s face it, you may as well turn around and go home if you get to the campsite and realise you forgot to pack these!

But what about a zester or jigger? Essential items, if you want to be able to whip up a nice festive cocktail when you arrive. But now you don’t have to choose between packing the zester or the bottle opener, as the Cocktail Multi-Tool features no less than seven tools, making it the perfect Christmas gift for any budding barman. Featuring a penknife design with a nice wooden handle, there’s a stirrer, jigger, muddler and reamer, strainer, zester and channel knife, corkscrew and a bottle opener. Folded up, it’s nice and compact, too, measuring 5.3cm by 4.2cm by 2.2cm and weighs 361g.

Better still, just use discount code WINTER20 to get 20% off at the checkout, valid until the end of the year.

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(Photo courtesy of SheltaPod)

About SheltaPod

SheltaPod is a British awning brand that was founded by Julie Ritson in 2015. As a keen camper, Julie had struggled to find an awning that was quick and easy to put up single-handedly, so she decided to invent her own. Following a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign, SheltaPod went into production in 2017.

We tested one as soon as it became available and were very impressed by its innovative design. Four years later and SheltaPod is now an established, well-regarded brand that you’ve probably heard of, which is no mean feat, given that the campervan awning market is a crowded space. However, SheltaPod still stands out for its unusual design. It uses a simple tunnel tent design with a further shelter that connects to the van.

Depending on the weather and if shelter from the sun or rain is required, the awning can be set up in a range of configurations to provide a simple sun shade through to a full awning. It can be put up by one person in 15 minutes once you’ve got the knack.

The pack size is 97cm by 30cm by 30cm and it weighs a very reasonable 12kg. Currently on sale at £450 (from £495), it offers great value for money, too.

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Valiant Outdoor String Lights



Outdoor String Lights

(Photo courtesy of Valiant Fireside)

About Valiant Outdoor String Lights

When it comes to camping, pretty outdoor lights are for life, not just for Christmas. Of course, they are very trendy and, therefore, an essential item for any cool camper, but they have their practical applications, too. Illuminating your camp makes it a lot easier to find your way back to the right wagon when returning from the pub, for example.

You’ll also find sitting outside with your friends and family is much more fun when you can see each other – in our experience, the novelty of being dazzled by your loved one with a head torch soon wears off, and eating enough carrots to be able to see in the dark isn’t sustainable in the long run. Much better, instead, is to invest in a set of lovely lights.

These outdoor lights from Valiant feature 25 festoon-style bulbs on a string measuring 10m (7.5m of lights and 2.5m power cable), which features hanging hooks, so you can attach them to your home on wheels or awning. What’s more, you can connect up to six sets, if you really want to set the world alight. The kit also includes three spare bulbs. They run off mains 230V, so are ideal when camping on electric hook-up.

Better still, just use discount code WINTER20 to get 20% off at the checkout, valid until the end of the year.

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Padded Festive Dog Coat



Festive Dog Coat

(Photo courtesy of aniMate)

About aniMate Padded Festive Dog Coat

Heading out on a long winter walk with your four-legged friends when you’re out and about is surely a highlight of the winter camping season, but you’ll want to make sure they’re wrapped up warm and dressed for the occasion. After all, you wouldn’t go out without your coat, would you? Especially if it’s raining!

aniMate dog coats are perfect for the chillier months, no matter what the weather, as they are waterproof, windproof and breathable, with a cosy insulated lining for added warmth.

New for Christmas 2021, there are two festive special edition coats, too, both complete with reindeer antlers! There’s the Holly Jolly in navy and the Festive Reindeer in green. Sizes range from 10in to 24in and prices start at £19.99 for the smallest size, while the largest is priced at £43.99.

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Aquaforno II Camping Stove



Aquaforno II

(Photo courtesy of Aquaforno)

About Aquaforno II Camping Stove

Described as a kitchen in a bag, this camping stove is so much more than a barbecue or firepit. In fact, there’s very little it can’t do.

It features a three-tier design in which one section is a boiler with a tap for making hot drinks, another has an oven with a pizza stone that will cook anything from a delicious pizza in minutes to a slow roast turkey, while a third section has a grill that allows you to smoke or grill food, or leave it open for a barbecue.

What’s more, it can also be used as a firepit. All this is a result of its multifunctional design, which allows each section to be used on its own, or in various combinations, thanks to its telescopic system.

When not in use, it all packs down into a compact carry bag measuring 90cm by 45cm by 45cm, and weighs 19kg, so it’s ideal for taking away on camping trips.

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Cayman Air Driveaway Awning



Cayman Air Driveaway Awning

(Photo courtesy of Outdoor Revolution)

About Cayman Air Driveaway Awning

In a survey we carried out earlier this year, we discovered that the majority of campervan and motorhome owners give their van a name, with Olive and Betsy ranking as the most popular. That’s hardly surprising, given that they are our pride and joy, considered by many as a member of the family. So, that means Olive/Betsy had better be on your Xmas shopping list, and did you know that they are discerning types with expensive tastes?

A driveaway awning, such as the Cayman Air from Outdoor Revolution, is an excellent choice for most types of van, as it’s available in three ergonomic cowl height options – the Low is priced from £579, the Mid costs £589 and the High is £599.

With single-point inflation on an Oxygen Air-Frame, it’s quick and easy to put up, too, instantly creating a large, cosy space for relaxing.

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Cayman Air Annex



Cayman Air Annex

(Photo courtesy of Outdoor Revolution)

About Cayman Air Annex

If you’ve got guests staying over, you can also get the Cayman Annex (£179), which zips into the rear section of the awning, while the addition of a Two Berth Clip in Inner Tent (£69) creates a sleeping pod for two. Other handy accessories available include a Footprint Groundsheet (£29), Dura-tread Carpet (£59), and Dura-tread Doormat (£4.99)

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Maxview Roam



Maxview Roam

(Photo courtesy of Maxview)

About Maxview Roam

Heading out into the sticks over the festive period certainly has its appeal – no Brussels sprouts or moaning mother-in-law to put up with, for a start. But going off-grid can have its disadvantages, too. Just close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine a situation with no internet… so, no binging Netflix box sets, or uploading holiday snaps to the cloud, and no online bargain grabbing in the January sales… It’s almost enough to make you not want to go camping.

But fret ye not – help is at hand in the form of a Maxview Roam WiFi kit. Using a WiFi router, an omnidirectional roof-mounted antenna and a SIM card, the kit essentially creates a hotspot for you in your home from home throughout Europe. The 3G/4G router will also connect to other WiFi sources when available and the antenna is 5G ready.

The router is specifically designed for travel, so it features aluminium housing and an anti-vibration mounting bracket. The Roam kit includes everything you need to set it up (apart from the SIM card), and is available in black or white for £349.99, or £369.99 for a white one with an extra-long (1.8m) cable.

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Makita cordless camping products



Cordless camping products

(Photo courtesy of Makita)

About Makita cordless camping products

Makita is probably best known for its power tools, but did you know the brand also offers a huge array of cordless gadgets and gizmos that are ideal for camping? Everything comes in a super-cool teal colour, too, so it certainly looks the part.

Our top picks that we think would make excellent Christmas gifts are the Cordless Cooler/Warmer (£377) and the Cordless Coffee Maker (£63), although the Makita range of radios, Bluetooth speakers, torches and fans are rather nice, too.

Best of all, these products can all be conveniently powered by the same Makita batteries.

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A magazine subscription



Magazine Subscription

(Photo courtesy of OutandAboutLive)

A magazine subscription with special offers!

You know the saying, “a gift that keeps on giving”. Well, if you choose to give the gift of a subscription to one of our excellent magazines this year, then the cliché really is true.

We’ve got four great magazines to choose from, whether you’re engaging in a PR campaign with friends who are teetering on the edge of this lifestyle, or you have frenemies with wobble boxes or family who have decided that canvas offers a proper ‘back to nature’ experience.

MMM Motorhomers' Magazine is just £12.99 every quarter

Campervan Magazine starts at £11.99 quarterly

Caravan Magazine is also £11.99 every quarter

Camping Magazine starts at just £15.99 for five issues

AnnaRae Adventure Map

£15 to £18


Adventure Map

(Photo courtesy of AnnaRae)

About AnnaRae Adventure Map

Here is a lovely little UK adventure map found on Etsy where you can log your adventures. This A3 map is made out of high-quality card and can be ordered plain or personalised with your name.

The lovely part of this map is the add-on stickers to document where you’ve been. Simply add the map to your basket and then return to the shop to add your choice of stickers: motorhomes, campervans, converted vans, tents, caravans and more.

The map costs £15 or £18 for a personalised version and the stickers are £2 per set (the motorhome one has 45 stickers and the campervan one has 54). There’s also a tourism set with a mix of stickers to highlight specific things.

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Campervan Magazine Rack



Campervan Magazine Rack

(Photo courtesy of Red Candy)

About Campervan Magazine Rack

Not that we’re trying to put ideas in your head or influence your Christmas shopping decisions in any way AT ALL, but did you know a subscription to Campervan magazine is the perfect gift for anyone? Even if they don’t like campervans, the paper could come in handy next time there is a loo roll shortage.

But where are you going to keep all those delightful copies of Campervan magazine? In a campervan magazine rack, of course! This one from Red Candy is available in all the most popular colour choices – black, bright yellow, greenish and sort of red/pink. According to the blurb, it’s very retro, so it’s “perfect for evoking a bit of Sixties charm in your abode.” What’s more, the “delightful metal design will be the envy of all your guests.”

Of note, it would make “a fantastic gift for anyone whose dream holiday would be travelling across America in a VW camper”, so it’s perfect for taunting friends you don’t like. We haven’t actually seen one of these in the flesh and have no idea how many copies of Campervan it holds, so please do send us some pictures if you buy one of these, TIA.

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Snugpak Pakbox



Snugpak Pakbox

(Photo courtesy of Snugpak)

About Snugpak Pakbox

Perhaps you’re the sort – or know someone who is – that thinks it’s acceptable to have a ‘floordrobe’ at home with cupboards resembling a jumble sale and a laundry pile the size of a small volcano. We don’t condone that kind of behaviour, of course, because one cannot live like that when camping – there simply isn’t enough room for such chaos and disarray. Live like you do at home with clothes strewn about the place and you’ll soon find your only option is to take up naturism.

Alternatively, you could invest in some packing cubes. Designed for travel, the Pakbox from Snugpak clearly keeps your clothes neat and tidy, while a mesh panel on the top ensures your belongings are visible.

They are available in two, four and six-litre capacities and colour choices are black or olive green. The perfect Christmas present for anyone you’d rather not see naked.

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Solbio Cleaner



Solbio Cleaner

(Photo courtesy of Solbio)

About Solbio Cleaner

This may not seem like the best Christmas present but your van will love you for it and there are benefits for you, too.

This cleaning product is advertised as a 100% natural (with no enzymes or bacteria) multipurpose cleaner for your campervanvan, allowing you to carry just one cleaning product to do a multitude of things from toilet waste tanks to grey and fresh water tanks as well as a general cleaner. What does this mean? One easily stored pouch means more space for exciting things like wine or books, etc. This product worked really well at most of the advertised things.

The one thing that put our reviewer off was that the pale yellow fluid colour did not disguise the colour of the effluent coming out of the toilet cassette upon emptying; however, it did still smell slightly of eucalyptus and mint and broke down the waste effectively. The pouch also was quite difficult to dispense small amounts, with a press-button dispenser. As our reviewer put it, “In every test, the fluid proved effective, especially when only needing a small quantity. However, I did not like emptying out, seeing waste looking as it did when it went in... albeit in liquid form”.

So, if you’re not averse to a little bit of brown water at the toilet emptying point, this could be a great way to consolidate your cleaning supplies and pack more gadgets (or gin, depending on your poison). £24.99 buys you a 40-dose pouch, which the manufacturer claims is the equivalent of five bottles of toilet chemical. Plus, delivery is free.

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Merry Christmas

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift ideas and we hope your 2021 Christmas is a very merry one for everyone.

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