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Going 560F


Key Features

  • Model Year : 2007
  • Class : Single Axle
  • MTPLM (kg) : 1300
  • Internal Length (m) : 6.07
  • External Height (m) : 2.36
  • Berths : 6
  • MRO (kg) : 1150
  • Shipping Length (m) : 7.18
  • Max Width (m) : 2.13


Model Year
Single Axle
No Range
MTPLM (kg)
End Kitchen
External Height (m)
Fixed Singles/Bunks
Island Double
MRO (kg)
Shipping Length (m)
End Washroom
Triple Bunks
Back & Front Dinette
Side Dinette
Max Width (m)
Price From (£)



Good build quality
Fixed beds
Comfort Pack extras
Sure-footed towing


Small cooking facilities
Lack of floor space

IF it were not for some plucky lads in Lancashire who saw an opportunity to re-establish Going in the UK, we wouldn’t have been able to test the six-berth 560F.

Going’s Portuguese makers, Pluma, have been in existence since the early 1960s, starting exporting basic tourers in 2001 to the UK badged Going. But sales were not encouraging as these ‘vans were not to UK tastes and by 2003/4 the importer called it a day. Red Lion is now the sole importer, and is not only expanding its range of models, but asking the factory for more UK tastes and spec.

The six-berth 560F is a layout that offers a fixed double bed at the front, side double-dinette with kitchen opposite, and side fixed bunks. There’s an end washroom divided so that shower and loo can both be used independently. It’s an interesting layout with the usual Going values but what Red Lion also does is to add a comfort pack - and what that means all depends on what you want added to the ‘van. We tested the 560F complete with a list of extras to give the Going more appeal to those wanting extra-value caravanning.

The Going’s exterior is in glacier white broken by decals of red and grey, while the front panel is a one-piece moulded GRP unit which has a steep rake but incorporates an integral front locker. Grey, plastic wheel trims and a large, grey rear light cluster moulding completes the exterior design.

External extras include an AL-KO AKS stabiliser and alloy wheels, plus footpads for the corner steadies. All the running gear is AL-KO but the chassis is Going’s own design and seems well-made. Anybody remembering Goings from just a couple of years ago will be impressed by the improved build and a neater exterior profile.

Once inside the Going, the ‘van’s continental origins are betrayed by blue upholstery and net curtains and, of course, the layout. Beginning at the van’s front end, the fixed bed is enclosed by a solid door and although it’s not a true island bed, you can at least get around it without too much difficulty. Two small bedside lockers are fitted and useful, while another storage area comes in the form of two, deep roof lockers with a shelf around the front window and the sidewall opposite.

The front window isn’t as large as some but the side window opposite the bed lets in plenty of natural light even on a dull day. No spotlamps are fitted - just a mains ceiling light - but spots are something Red Lion can add.

For six people, the wardrobe in the main living area isn’t over-large, but Going has added a large cupboard next to it, and the wardrobe has a full-length drop. The added Truma heater - which replaces the standard electric one - is placed beneath the extra cupboard which would be ideal for keeping clothes aired. Red Lion have also included a microwave, placed on the top of this unit.
Going 560 caravan Interior
The side dinette comes with a large side window, which not only lets in plenty of light and ventilation but also gives the area a spacious feel. Twin spotlamps are also fitted here. Going has included cupboards plus some very handy shelves for good storage capacity. They have also placed the Heki rooflight in the middle of the roof, between the side dinette and the central kitchen, and that offers good natural light.

It’s the side kitchen that users may find has a few drawbacks. The fridge is only a 77-litre unit which may prove under-gunned for six. A small oven/grill is fitted but the microwave may be needed if you’re cooking meals for six.

Twin burners are supplied from the factory but Red Lion tell me that a four-burner hob should have been added but the ‘van had arrived with the standard unit. It also sports a sink - again a tad small. Worktop surface isn’t over generous but adequate while the kitchen area gets its own window plus two large roof cupboards and shelves. Night illumination comes in the shape of two lights below and for the cutlery a drawer is placed just above the oven.

The side fixed bunks will be a major hit with both parents and kids. Both bunks get a window and reading light and will take the weight of a trim adult. Under the bottom bunk is the water heater control plus a blown-air duct. In fact there are no fewer than four blown-air ducts, one each in the shower and front bedroom, and two in the main living area.

The rear end washroom is split into two compartments, so both can be used independently. Both get a large oblique window but no blind is fitted (again something that Going will sort out) and although its a budget ‘van, the Going’s washroom comes with vanity unit and good storage. It’s pretty spacious and has a chrome shower unit replacing the cheaper plastic standard unit. The loo compartment is ample and comes complete with manual swivel cassette toilet and small roof light.

Price: £9,995
Price as tested: £10,750, with fitted comfort pack
Berths: 6
Length: 6.07m
Width: 2.12m
MIRO: 1175kg
MTPLM: 1375kg

Towmatch: C


So what’s the verdict on this new Going? Well the ‘van itself is well put together and the furniture comes with a generally good finish, with the exception of the cupboard edges which have a slightly unfinished feel about them.

But you get what you pay for and that’s good enough with the Going. We like the added loose-fit carpet and the other little extras that just give the ‘van a less basic feel. The layout works well although those wanting more floor space may find it a little cramped. But for a family of four it would prove a great asset - no more bed-making, and a lounge area ready for breakfast each morning.

On tow, the Going proves stable and sure-footed and for the money asked the ‘van should prove its worth. It’s not a major competitor to UK budget brands, more an alternative, because the layout may not work for some. But with Goings ever-growing model range we’re sure that the brand will find its own niche in the touring caravan market.