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Compass Camino 674 - caravan review


Key Features

  • Model Year : 2019
  • Class : Twin Axle
  • Berths : 4
  • Internal Length (m) : 6.34
  • Shipping Length (m) : 7.96
  • MRO (kg) : 1617
  • MTPLM (kg) : 1776
  • Max Width (m) : 2.30
  • External Height (m) : 2.63

The Verdict

A Compass Camino 674 is a caravan that offers versatility and wide appeal always win our praise. The 674 amply answers both of those ideals. We love the amount of storage provided in all areas especially the kitchen. This is a cracking caravan for a family or a couple.



Twin axles, twin beds in a separate room. The Compass Camino 674 is a spacious caravan ideal for teen families.

  • The twin bedroom that can double as a second TV room
  • The capacious kitchen
  • The raised hotplate
  • The water tank
  • The Alde heating
  • There‚Äôs nothing not to like


Model Year
Twin Axle
Price From (£)
Shipping Length (m)
MRO (kg)
MTPLM (kg)
Max Width (m)
External Height (m)
End Washroom
Island Double
Fixed Singles/Bunks
Triple Bunks
End Kitchen
Back & Front Dinette
Side Dinette
Caravan Test Date
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Twin axles, twin beds in a separate room. The Compass Camino 674 is a spacious caravan ideal for teen families.

The four-model Camino range (two on single axles, two on twins) gets significant additional equipment and styling tweaks for 2019. The levels of practicality and luxury are both raised.

Domestic-style heated towel rails (big, chunky and chrome) are introduced, together with hinge-down clothes/towel dryers in the shower cubicles.

Wardrobes get a light that comes on automatically when you open the door. A Whale Aquasource water line is now part of the standard equipment; this enables you to connect directly to the water supply on your pitch.

Little details including new spotlights, sockets, switches and frames arrive, together with additional towel hooks in the shower room (the 674 has two).

Three of the Caminos have island double beds; these are designed chiefly to appeal to couples. This one, though, has a foot firmly in both the family and couples' camps.

That's because the twin-axle 674 has twin beds, in a bedroom at the rear, totally separate from the rest of the caravan.

It's a lovely bedroom for a couple looking for twin beds of course. Arguably more importantly, though, this bedroom would be superb for teenage kids in particular.

So this is a caravan with wide appeal. Caravans ideal for families with young children are many – anything with bunks, in particular, is great.

But caravans to consider when the kids become big kids are much harder to find.

The keynote here is that, if you get a tourer of a layout that gives teenagers space of their own, they are likely to regard caravanning with mum and dad as cool for a few more years.

Teenage girls, in particular, will love this boutique bedroom, with plenty of storage space (they might even keep it tidy!), separated from the kitchen and lounge by not one but two doors – and a washroom.


A sliding door divides the bedroom from the shower on the nearside, a central corridor dressing area and the toilet-washbasin room on the offside. When you open the piano-hinged door of this 'room' it closes off the corridor.

This means the washroom area can be divided from the bedroom and from the rest of the caravan. This caravan of two halves gives each half of the caravan its own en suite!

The hinge-down rail to which we referred earlier is just about the most rudimentary device you could imagine. A simple, well-made bar that clips up to the ceiling in a plastic retainer when it's not in use.

When it is in use, you can hang garments on hangers here to drip dry, or a towel, or a coat after a rain-soaked walk…. It's simple and it's brilliant. We know; we have one in our long-term-test Bailey Unicorn and we use it often. Maybe all caravan showers should have these!

Opposite, the 674's preening facilities are lovely. A big mirror fringed with LED lights, a spotlight above it and two more above the cabinet on the offside wall. Putting make-up on here is a delight (I know that as well, I had to do it for the review video!). More importantly, the teenage girls in our imaginary Camino-family would love it, too.


The twin beds are 1.89m long and 68cm wide. A chest of four drawers sits between them. TV connections are on the offside forward wall but there's no bracket; if you need one, it's an easy task to fit one or ask your retailer to do it for you. A mains socket plus a USB charging point are close to the drawers unit.

Deep, padded upholstered headboards in high-end domestic style are backlit by a strip of LEDs that sends light up into the corners of the room. Small, bright spotlights plus over-locker lighting complete the lighting design.

Matt cream corner pieces connect the top lockers in a smooth and refined manner. It's a fabulous twin bedroom. Just one addition, though, would enhance it further: a mirror; that would seal its appeal to our imaginary teenage sisters.

Up front, you get a double bed just over 2m long and 1.39m wide.


Four drawers and four top lockers at the front, drop-down hatches to the under-settee boxes and exterior access to the one on the nearside, a wardrobe that's 51cm wide and with four good shelf areas beneath the hanging space – and that's before you reach the bedroom.

Here, there are seven top lockers, plus loads of space under the beds, both with exterior hatches. The water tank is under the offside bed but doesn't dent the gargantuan amount of storage space here.


The table has its own slot inside the kitchen cabinet, conveniently close to the area in which it will be used. If the 674 is in couple-mode, the table probably won't get much use because the pull-out chest-of-drawers top, at 75cm x 65cm, is large enough for all but elaborate meals.


Comfortable corner sections, backrests with curved tops, big armrests at the rear ends of the settees – this is a lounge in which to recline and get cosy.

You can stretch out; the settees are 1.76m long. And your TV can sit at the front; connections are in the nearside corner; the 25cm-wide windowsill is plenty large enough for a TV so it doesn't have to impinge on the chest-of-drawers top space.

The 674, though, has an extra lounge trick up its sleeve: the bedroom. The beds can be regarded as extra sofas, for daytime, feet-up reclining, especially if you want to retreat to watch your sport of choice.

So we think that, with potentially two lounging areas, the 674 deserves an A rating.


Good on storage, good on worktop area and with a big fridge-freezer – the 674's kitchen is, at a glance, a well-designed one.

Now the detail.

Storage comes in two double-doored top cabinets (finished in lovely matt white with a subtle horizontal grain texture), four deep drawers, 46cm wide and a 40cm-wide cabinet with two shelf spaces plus a small cabinet above the microwave opposite.

That's more than enough.

The fridge-freezer is the Dometic 155-litre litre model with a removable freezer if you want extra chill space. The ultra-smart smoky mirror fronted Russell Hobbs microwave sits directly above it. Unless you are particularly short in stature, you'll find the height fine.

With the 29cm-wide hinged extension in place, the surface stretches to 1.38m. The sink cover matches the work surface and is nearly level with it, so when it's in place it can be regarded as part of the surface. We love the size and shape of the sink – rectangular and 31cm x 50cm.

That's almost domestic-sized; even the boring washing-up task would be an easy pleasure in a 674! We also love the design of the hob on Thetford's new-for-2019 cookers, with a raised hotplate so you can use any pan size here.


We know Camino 674s tow well; we had last year's version out on the roads around Burtree Gate, Darlington, when we borrowed one from Kimberley Caravans for a review.

Twin-axle inherent stability plus the reassurance that ATC is buried underneath the chassis to detect and correct the first signs of a snaking motion add up to a caravan with top towing credentials.


A caravan that offers versatility and wide appeal always win our praise.

The 674 amply answers both of those ideals. We love the amount of storage provided in all areas especially the kitchen.

We love the Alde heating and the twin-axle stability and the pale woodwork that reminds us just a little bit of cappuccino. And a water tank. Need we go on? This is a cracking caravan for a family or a couple.