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Bailey Unicorn Seville - caravan review


Key Features

  • Model Year : 2018
  • Class : Single Axle
  • Berths : 2
  • Internal Length (m) : 4.66
  • Shipping Length (m) : 6.19
  • MRO (kg) : 1203
  • MTPLM (kg) : 1326
  • Max Width (m) : 2.28
  • External Height (m) : 2.61

The Verdict

Lighter and shorter than its predecessor – yet feeling more spacious, the new Seville has a lot going for it, especially its practical kitchen surface configuration and enormous sideboard-style dresser. We love the bright white lighting design. And we like the cocooning warmth of the Alde heating, too. The Seville is a genuine package of luxury for two.


Bailey Caravans View more details about the manufacturer of this vehicle over in our manufacturers section.


The 2018 Bailey Unicron Seville has a new layout. It’s lighter and shorter but feels more spacious

  • The big sideboard-dresser
  • The L-shape of the kitchen
  • The double hob cover
  • The USB sockets on the corner spotlights
  • Short people will find the microwave too high
  • A window in the rear would make a lot of difference


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Bailey Caravans
Single Axle
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End Washroom
Island Double
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The 2018 Seville has a new layout. It's lighter and shorter but feels more spacious.

The two-berth model in the Unicorn range received a complete redesign for 2018, with an L-shaped kitchen at the rear and a shower room longitudinally aligned, on the offside. This model won Caravan's 2018 award for Best Luxury two-berth Caravan.

Previous Seville models had a layout that followed the standard pattern of end shower room and offside kitchen. The new Seville is 25 cm shorter than the previous model, but feels more spacious because the kitchen position at the rear opens up the whole caravan length as living space. This latest Seville is also 43 kg lighter than its predecessor, which puts it within range of a good many more cars.

There are some nice refined touches in the new Seville, including a hinged towel rail mounted on the ceiling of the shower cubicle. We're also impressed by the USB charging points, built into the bases of spotlights.

We connect our phones and place them in the large corner lockers above the lights and out of the way. Super convenient! All four spotlights are dimmable, by rotating the rear section of the light.

Lighting is a strong topic in the Seville.

Bright white light streams from under the bases of the lower kitchen cabinets and from both above and beneath the top cabinets. More bright white light shines above the over-lounge lockers including the corner cabinets. These corner cabinets are among new features introduced to all Unicorns for 2018, replacing shelves.


There's an unusual feature in the shower room. The shower cubicle has two drain-holes, so if your caravan isn't quite level, the water will still drain away, an ingenious solution.

This is a delightful preening department, well-designed in a space that's only 1.7m long. The shower cubicle measures a respectable 62cm x 87cm. Its matching walls and base, in matt natural stone-effect, resemble high-end domestic style.

A metal, basket-style shelf for shampoo hooks around the base of the riser bar; again domestic in style.

Provision for towels is first class. A hinge-down towel rail hangs from the ceiling, and there are three towel hooks on the washroom walls, more than ample provision for towels in a two-berth.

A wall cupboard plus Bailey's hallmark linen cabinet (a fabric bag on hooks inside a cupboard) provide only just enough storage space; a cabinet with a couple of shelves in place of the linen bag would create more usable space.

Within 10 minutes of switching on the heating, the panel radiator in the shower room is already beginning to emit warmth.


Choose from a large double bed, measuring 1.98m x 1.46m, or two singles, each 1.9m long and 68cm wide. It takes just a couple of minutes to make up the double bed. The centre section of the bed base draws out from under the chest of drawers, and then you pull the seat bases towards the centre. There are no knee rolls so there's no need to turn them over to put the raised sections against the walls. The four bolster-style backrests then drop down. As bed-making goes, this is one of the quickest and easiest, thanks to the bolsters being split into two sections per side.


We love the new corner lounge lockers. In a two-berth caravan of only 4.66m body length, every centimetre of storage space counts; the corner lockers here are so much more useful than the shelves in the previous generation Unicorns.

The Seville's side top lockers are 1.08m long. One is divided into four sections by shelves, and the other into three, so there's good storage provision. Progressing along the nearside, the next locker is 48cm wide. And then there's the dresser beneath it. A cavernous cabinet, one metre long, provides four shelf spaces.

Opposite, the double-doored wardrobe contains a rail that's 70cm long, with full garment-length hanging space, plus three large shelf spaces that are ideal for shoes.

The under-settee spaces – so important in a two-berth, because bedding goes in here daily – are easy to get at, with self-supporting spring hinges. You'd put the duvet and pillows in the offside lockers, because the nearside one is caravanning paraphernalia.

There's an exterior hatch leading into this space, and a large plastic tray so that you can put muddy, wet or grass-laden items in here and then just wipe the surface clean afterwards. The Seville's storage solutions are brilliantly designed – and generous.


The 36cm x 62cm snack table isn't level with the windowsill. Some may say that's not ideal but, as caravanners well accustomed to this Unicorn style (identical to that in our long-term-test Barcelona), we think it's fine – plates and cutlery go on the lower section and dishes to serve from go on the 52cm-deep windowsill.

The table is stored in the wardrobe, and it's easy to extract and replace.


By the time our review reaches the lounging section, daylight has faded to dusk and those bright white lights we commented on earlier look even brighter and whiter. This Series 4 is the best-illuminated Unicorn range by far.

We are reclining on domestic-style sofas, two phones are charging from the USB points on the bases of the spotlights and our coffee machine is doing its thing, plugged in on the ample-sized dresser.

Lounging, Seville-style, is lovely – and spacious; the 1.9m sofas easily create enough seating for inviting friends.


The kitchen is L-shaped. Its surface measures 1.21m across the rear and then stretches forward, 1.17m, along the nearside. The cooker is on the rear sector and the sink on the nearside.

A chopping board-style top covers the sink and fits flush, and there's a square drainer provided. The brilliance of the Seville's kitchen surface design isn't just its generous size. It's that all the surface is usable – including the sink and the hob. That's because a feature of the new Unicorns is double hob covers – a glass top, plus one which matches the rest of the work surface.

Storage comes courtesy of two drawers and a hinge-down-door cabinet, 50cm wide, under the sink sector of the kitchen; a 20cm-wide, four-shelf cabinet to the left of the cooker; plus, of course, the usual pan cabinet under the oven. The caravan cook can also claim as much of the huge sideboard-style dresser as she or he wants for kitchen equipment.

The fridge-freezer, Dometic's tall, slimline 133-litre model, is forward of the wardrobe. It's quite a long way from the kitchen. Does that matter?

We don't think so – it's only a stride away.

The position of the microwave, above the dresser, won't suit everyone, though; caravanners of short stature may struggle to use it.

But there's one aesthetic aspect of the Seville's kitchen with which we do take issue – it's the splashback, which covers the whole of the rear wall. On a dull day there is insufficient natural light in the kitchen; a window at the rear to complement the side window would have made the world of difference.


As we had expected, the Seville's tow test showed its road behaviour to be impeccable. AL-KO's ATC stability control system is here to detect and correct the first sign of snaking.


Lighter and shorter than its predecessor – yet feeling more spacious, the new Seville has a lot going for it, especially its practical kitchen surface configuration and enormous sideboard-style dresser, which gives you extra kitchen surface and still leaves plenty of space for your TV (connections are here).

We love the bright white lighting design. And we like the cocooning warmth of the Alde heating, too. The Seville is a genuine package of luxury for two.

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