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While not a winner, we love this Elddis caravan competition entry


"What an Elddis caravan would mean to me," a poem by Clare O’Brien and family

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Before we go any further, congratulations to Louise Sutherland and sons – winning entry to Elddis' 50th anniversary competition. For their moving entry (read about it here), they get to take their pick of the 2015 range of Elddis caravans.
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Of course, there were a lot of moving entries and all of those shortlisted deserved to win in some respect, but there can be only one who takes home the prize. There can, however, be more that we praise for entertaining entries and thoughtful creativity, which is exactly why you're reading about Clare O'Brien and her family.

They put together this perfect poem below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. If you think you can do better, get in touch and let us read your work!

What an Elddis Caravan would mean to me

Every new year I begin to make plans,
To head to the lakes or the mountains or sands.
My outdoor adventures began at age three,
With only five yards from the back door to me.
I set up my camp with some poles and a sheet,
A pillow, a blanket, some biscuits to eat.
Whisked into worlds over land, over sea,
Just me in my snug little tent, feeling free.
Those childhood escapades blossomed and grew,
And real-life camping’s what I’ve grown into.
My family clan seek to find inspiration,
And so every year we will travel the nation.
With tent and a plentiful stock of supplies,
We head to the places that see sunny skies.
But now it is time that I long to upgrade,
Move out of the canvas and join the parade.
Alongside explorers and tourers with pride,
An Elddis caravan is the place to reside.
A place to unwind and to slow down the pace,
A space well-designed that just oozes grace.
Whatever the weather together we’ll roam,
And relish the charm of our travelling home.
To rise with the sun on a dewy Spring morning,
Watch the pink sky from our perch in the awning.
The thrum of the rain beating down from the sky,
A comforting sound from the beds where we lie.
A sole blackbird’s song at the first break of light,
Slivers of sun as it wakes us from night.
Warm summer evenings all gathered together,
A long game of Scrabble that goes on forever.
A room with a view full of wonder and glory,
Where thoughts can ignite and inspire a story.
Adventurous smiles, the kids running wild,
The great outdoors brings out our true inner-child.
No more will we sink as the air bed deflates,
For we will have Elddis to make our sleep great.
No more will the midges attack us outside,
For we will have Elddis to run to and hide.

No more will the rain wash us out in our camp,
And leave our hair dripping, or clothes cold and damp.
For we will have Elddis to shelter from rain,
To revel in warmth ‘til the sun shines again.
And now my two children are building a tent,
The outdoors is theirs in this game they invent.
I step back in time, my childhood unfurled,
As my children invite me to play in their world.
As they grow up holding memories fond,
Of caravan journeys above and beyond.
I’ll pass on this gift for their future vacations,
For adventures new with the next generation.
A gold anniversary deserves 50 cheers,
While my life begins as I reach 40 years.
To celebrate I would be keen to invest,
This long-standing gift I would gladly bequest.
So Elddis, I’ll tell you what you’d mean to me,
It’s your clever design and your simplicity,
And sharing your love with my fond family,
For I will hold proud this long-life legacy.

The O'Brien caravan family

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