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What’s new from Bailey 2018


The first ever family-layout Bailey Unicorn caravan has been unveiled, together with a new layout, redesigned kitchens and longer lounges.

Words: Val Chapman
Photos: John Chapman

The Unicorn range has a new addition, a family layout Segovia; the two-berth Seville has been redesigned and the twin-axle Pamplona has a new bedroom layout.

USB charging points have been introduced, built into the bases of spotlights. And styling now features white gloss-finish top cabinets.

All models feature a double hob cover – a glass cover plus a second one, matching the kitchen surface, effectively creating more usable working space.

The Alde-heated new Unicorn range will offer a total of 10 models – four on twin axles and six on single axles. Eight of the models, the Seville, Vigo, Cadiz, Valencia, Cabrera, Segovia, Pamplona and Cartagena, are to be unveiled at retailers’ premises in September. The new twin-axle Barcelona and single-axle Madrid, both with new layouts, will be unveiled at the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show in October.


The new model is the Segovia, a twin-axle, six-berth layout with a rear family room with bunks and a seating area that transforms into two more bunks. Its shower and washing arrangements are divided from this room by a sliding door. A concertina blind partitions the offside toilet and shower area from the corridor, and a hinged door segments the whole area from the kitchen and lounge. The wardrobe is contained with in this ‘room’. It’s a unique twist on the central shower room theme.

The shower compartment is lined with rock-effect wall-boarding. A hinge-down rail for towels runs across the ceiling. Three towel hooks are above the Alde panel radiator in the washbasin sector. A metal basket-style container for shampoo bottles is attached to the lower edge of the shower riser bar. 


Unicorn’s two-berth model gets a complete redesign for 2018, with an L-shaped kitchen and washroom containing a separate shower cubicle. The hob, which has the same double cover forming part of the work surface as in other models, is set into the rear sector of of the kitchen area, with the sink in the nearside sector. A large dresser, forward of the door, creates even more surface space. Pale grey kitchen spash-backs with the word ‘Unicorn’ embossed on the lower sector, are a feature of all models, with a concealed strip of LEDs above. In the Seville, the splash-back forms the whole rear kitchen wall.

Concealed bright, white lighting runs below the kitchen units, too; storage comes in the form of three drawers, a slim, full-height cabinet and two large head-height cabinets. One is fitted for tableware; the other is divided into four shelf spaces. The microwave is set above the dresser.

The shower room is longitudinally aligned, with the shower cubicle at the rear. A hinge-down towel rail is suspended from the ceiling; three towel hooks are on the washroom walls.

The Seville’s wardrobe is forward of the shower room, with full garment length hanging space plus three large shelf spaces. The big storage story continues into the dresser, with a double-doored cabinet containing four shelf spaces.

The Seville has the slimline Dometic fridge-freezer, positioned forward of the wardrobe.


Unicorn’s twin-axle Pamplona has a new bed and shower room layout. The bed is positioned with its head against the rear wall as in previous models but in the new model, instead of a wall at the foot of the bed, a sliding door leads into a new-style shower and washroom. The bed can be retracted to create more floor space for day time; a a semi-circular bed base extension hinges up from the foot of the bed. A mattress section fits into it, held in place by a four-centimetre lip. In daytime mode, this mattress section sits upright behind the pillows, creating a luxurious daytime reclining area.

The shower is on the nearside. On the offside is a washbasin plus an Alde panel radiator, the toilet and two cabinets. A hinged door on the fore end of the shower room divides the caravan into two zones.


The Cartagena is Unicorn’s twin-axle, transverse bed layout, now with a deep mirror in the full width rear shower room; it stretches the whole width of the wall from the nearside to the shower. The kitchen and lounge are the same layout as those in the Pamplona, with the 190-litre fridge-freezer.


This is single-axle, transverse island bed option with a rear shower room. The Vigo has the same kitchen as in the twin-axle Unicorns, but with a shorter lounge and a slimline fridge-freezer.


The Cabrera is the single-axle version of the Pamplona, with a rear island bed and central shower opposite a toilet-washroom. The kitchen and lounge are identical to the Vigo.


The Cadiz is a single-axle, twin-bed model with a rear shower room and the same kitchen and lounge as the Cabrera and Vigo.


Unicorn’s best-selling layout for some years has a nearside double bed and rear shower room. The kitchen and lounge are the same layout as those in the Cadiz, Vigo and Cabrera.

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