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Bailey launches successor to its budget caravan range for 2019


Bailey launches a completely new range of seven models to succeed the budget Pursuit brand.

Phoenix models, though, are different from Pursuits, with a body shape that closely resembles Bailey's top-spec Unicorn range, and with the high-arching front window that Pursuit lacked. Phoenix tourers also have full-sized ovens and separate grills, whereas Pursuits had combination grill-ovens. And they have four-burner hobs, compared with Pursuits' three.

The line-up gives caravan buyers one two-berth, three four-berth models with fixed beds, one with twin beds and two twin-axle family layouts, one with berths for five, the other for six.

A lighter caravan

The Phoenix 420, the same layout as the Pegasus Genoa and Unicorn Seville, with an L-shaped rear kitchen and offside corner shower room (with separate shower), has an MTPLM of 1139 kg. That's 126 kg lighter than the Genoa and 187 kg lighter than the Alde-heated Seville. Phoenix models have the Truma Combi water and space heating system.

The 540 caravan, with an MTPLM of 1316kg, has a 1.9m-long double bed. Its washroom is at the rear. This model mirrors the layouts of the Pegasus Verona and Unicorn Valencia.

The Bailey Phoenix 640, which has a body length of 5.84m and an overall length of 7.36m, has a double bed, 1.9m long, at the rear of the layout, with the bed head against the back wall. The shower-washroom spans the central area forward of the bedroom, making the bedroom-washing area totally separate from the rest of the layout. The MTPLM is 1382 kg. This model is similar in layout to the Pegasus Brindisi and Unicorn Vigo.

Island-bed layout

Bailey's other island-bed layout, the 644, has its bed aligned across the caravan. It's 1.9m long and retracts for daytime to create extra corridor space to the washroom at the rear. This model has the same body length and overall length as the 640. Its MTPLM is 1374 kg.

Phoenix's twin-bed, rear-washroom model, a similar layout to the Pegasus Rimini and Unicorn Cadiz, is the 642. It has an MTPLM of 1382 kg; that's 49 kg lighter than the Rimini and 108 kg lighter than the Cadiz. The body and overall length are the same as the 640 and 644.

The two family Phoenix models are the single-axle, five-berth 650 and the twin-axle, six-berth 760.

The 650 has a body length of 5.84m and an overall length of 7.36m. Its MTPLM is 1388 kg. The washroom is at the rear. Two bunks are forward of it, on the offside, with a two-person dining area opposite; this transforms into bunks.

The only twin-axle model in the range makes a bold statement; the Pursuit range didn't include a twin-axle model, so now Phoenix provides a longer-caravan option for families. Its MTPLM is 1600 kg. Its body length is 6.33m; its overall length is 7.86m. The layout is the same as the Unicorn Segovia which won Caravan mag's Caravan of the Year title and Best Caravan for Families.

The Segovia wowed our judges for its cleverly designed layout, with a bunks-and-day-furniture kids' room divided by two doors and a washroom from the rest of the caravan. Now, the Phoenix 760 offers the same layout weighing and costing much less.

Prices of the Phoenix range have not yet been announced.

All Bailey Phoenix models are 2.21m wide. For comparison, Unicorns are 2.28m wide and Pegasus are 2.23m wide.


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