The Caravan Awards 2015 – Caravan of the Year


The Caravan Awards 2015 – Caravan of the Year

Caravan Awards 2015 supported by the Caravan Club

Caravan of the Year Compass Rallye 530

Compass Rallye 530

Price £21,199  MIRO 1337kg  MTPLM 1480kg

Berths 3
Body length 5.51m
Shipping length 7.23m
Width 2.25m

This new model is exceptional in so many ways. Its dining area is incredibly spacious, its kitchen is proportioned with keen cooks in mind, its microwave is at a perfect height for shorter people…

It’s refreshing to find a caravan with a unique layout. Little wonder it's a winner!

Distinctive from its competition, the three-berth Caravan of the Year has a 40-litre inboard water tank and a separate dining area that’s wide enough to seat four; it has stain-resistant fabrics too. The newly-introduced Ozio upholstery construction system in this Compass means seating that's lighter that sprung options, so bed-making is lighter work.

It has television provision which we rated as exceptionally well designed. Its shower room is exceptionally spacious. And the fabric scheme is a stunning combination of purple and pale cream.

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