The Caravan Awards 2015 – Best Innovation


The Caravan Awards 2015 – Best Innovation

Caravan Awards 2015 supported by the Caravan Club

Ozio caravan upholstery from Leisure Furnishings

Ozio upholstery from Leisure Furnishings

Recognising new products and components that make an important contribution to caravan industry development.

Ozio was a clear winner for its contribution to weight reduction in caravans and because it presents a quality alternative to the comfort provided by sprung mattresses and seating.

Seating and mattresses made from Ozio construction are 30% lighter than sprung upholstery, making seating units easier to lift and turn to create double beds in lounges.

Ozio is a triple-layer construction of polyester fibres. It arrives in all Coachman and Explorer Group ranges for 2015.

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