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Save money on caravan insurance

TAKING steps to keep your caravan safe not only helps protect the vehicle but it also gives caravan owners peace of mind.

Insurance companies recognise the effectiveness of tracking and anti-theft devices in stopping theft and tracing caravans – which means they can give you significant discounts if you have these systems fitted to your caravan.

Tracking devices have an excellent success rate for recovering stolen caravansSaving on your premium by buying on-line or taking a greater excess is pretty standard stuff. But take a look at this information – and then take a calculator to your own insurance bill.

Some savings, though, actually come with your caravan. If yours (or your next one) has a factory-fitted AL-KO Secure wheel lock receiver, you’re heading straight for a 10-25 per cent discount. Many higher-priced caravans come with the AL-KO lock for the receiver as standard, too. If not, it will cost you £211.39.

Craig Thompson, Associate Director of Caravan Guard, said: “Our statistics show that no caravan on our client base fitted with an AL-KO wheel lock has been stolen.”

Security posts are amoung the simplest devicesAlarms, too, are commonplace. Think five to 10 per cent off your insurance. You may even have a tracker device built into your caravan – and that can take your bill down by a whopping 25 per cent. Even taking into account an annual subscription for the service, there’s usually still a saving to be made in the long term.

We talked to a number of specialist caravan insurance companies to ask advice on which devices will give you insurance discounts.

Who offers what?

Shield Total Insurance
Discounts include:
  • Tracking systems: From 10 per cent for Phantom Target Tracking Device (10 per cent) and for Phantom Pro-active Tracking Device (20 per cent)
  • Storage: From five per cent for CaSSOA (Caravan Storage Site Owners Association) sites: 25 per cent discount for storage on a Gold Award site, 15 per cent on a Silver Award site, and 5 per cent discount on a Bronze site
  • Wheel locks: 20 per cent for AL-KO Secure wheel lock
  • Camping and Caravanning Club or Caravan Club membership: five per cent

Contact: Shield Total Insurance
Tel: 0844 847 4450
Web: www.shieldtotalinsurance.co.uk (Link opens in new window/tab)

Complete Insurance Services
Discounts include:
  • Tracking systems: 25 per cent for a proactive system
  • Identification systems: 25 per cent for Thiefbeaters
  • Storage: From 10 per cent CaSSOA storage compound – 25 per cent. Other storage compounds with approved security facilities – 10 per cent
  • Wheel locks: 25 per cent for AL-KO or equivalent
  • Anti-snaking systems: 10 per cent for AL-KO system
  • Alarm: 10 per cent for factory fitted or caravan industry approved alarms.
Contact: Complete Insurance Services
Tel: 01684 574867
Web: www.completeinsuranceservices.com (Link opens in new window/tab)

E&L Insurance
Discounts include:
  • Storage: up to five per cent if you keep your caravan at a CaSSOA Gold-accredited storage compound
  • Tracker systems: up to 10 per cent forPhantom Target, Phantom Target Pro Active, Tracker Horizon and RAC Trackstar
  • Caravan Club membership: five per cent

Contact: E&L Insurance
Tel: 08449 809 520
Web: www.eandl.co.uk/caravan-insurance (Link opens in new window/tab)

Discounts include:
  • Tracking devices: 25 per cent including Phantom, Hal-Locate and Tracker Response
  • Wheel locks: £20 AL-KO Secure factory-fitted receiver (now standard on many caravans) and Bulldog Max which fits the AL-KO receiver
  • Alarms: five per cent Passive infra-red and/or motion sensors. Factory fitted, dealer fitter or self-installed
  • Magazines: 10 per cent for Which Caravan readers
  • Identification systems: five per cent for Thiefbeaters
  • Storage: up to 10 per cent if your caravan is stored at home behind a locked gate or a locking post, or if it’s in a storage compound that has CaSSOA accreditation for its security facilities
  • Anti-snaking devices: five per cent for AL-KO ATC and BPW chassis, both factory and retro-fitted

Contact: Caravan Guard
Tel: 08450 717171
Web: www.caravanguard.co.uk (Link opens in new window/tab)

Towergate Bakers
Discounts include:
  • Wheel locks: 25 per cent AL-KO Secure wheel locks or SAS Gridlock or Bulldog Max, both fit into the AL-KO receiver
  • Tracking systems: From 10 per cent for a proactive system (one that is automatically alerted if the caravan is moved, including Phantom ProActive, HAL-Locate, Metis GPS Alert, Suretrack MT and Bulldog RAC Tracker – 25 per cent. Any non-proactive tracker system (which relies on notification if the caravan is stolen) – 10 per cent
  • Storage: From 10 per cent CaSSOA (Gold, Silver or Bronze level), all 25 per cent. Hitch posts for garden storage – 10 per cent
  • Alarm: 10 per cent for factory-fitted systems only
  • Identification systems: From 10 per cent Thiefbeaters – 25 per cent; Microtag (initial cost £12 plus annual £12 database membership; a self-install system) – 10 per cent.
  • Anti-snaking systems: 10 per cent AL-KO ATC and BPW-chassis equivalent

Contact: Towergate Bakers
Tel: 01242 528844
Web: www.bakersofcheltenham.co.uk (Link opens in new window/tab)

Adrian Flux
Discounts include:
  • Tracking systems: 10 per cent
  • Alarm: 2½ per cent for factory-fitted systems
  • Discretionary 10 per cent discount for each of the following: secure post for garden storage, locked gate for garden storage, Thiefbeaters identification system and ATC and BPW anti-snake system.
  • Owners’ club membership: up to 15 per cent

Contact: Adrian Flux
Tel: 08700 764841
Web: www.adrianflux.co.uk (Link opens in new window/tab)

Discounts include:

  • Tracking systems: 20 per cent Must be supported by an appropriate GPS tracking system
  • Alarms: five per cent Must include movement sensors

Contact: Safeguard
Tel: 0800 781 8931
Web: www.safeguarduk.co.uk (Link opens in new window/tab)

Caravan value: £14,500; 2008 model
Caravan contents: £1000
Annual premium without discounts: £528
Annual premium with discounts for
AL-KO Secure wheel lock, tracker system. ATC traction control and CaSSOA storage: £200
Source: Towergate Bakers
With most companies you can choose to take a greater policy excess which will slightly reduce your premium, as with other forms of insurance. And some companies offer a discount if you arrange your insurance on-line.
Example: HAL-Locate Cost: £499. Free if
you buy a caravan on which the system is factory-fitted.
Annual subscription: average £100 per year (varies depending on whether you take it out for 1,3 or 5 years). Plus £12.75 a year for SIM rental, then 8p per text. Expected annual total: approximately £20. The system is activated and deactivated by text message to avoid on-off switches which can be removed by a thief, and sends text messages to the caravan owner to indicate caravan battery state.
Metis: £399 if not fitted as standard on your caravan. No annual subscription fee.

Security devices:
Example: AL-KO Secure wheel lock. If the receiver is fitted to a wheel of your caravan but the lock does not come as standard with that model, a lock will cost you £211.39.

(This feature was originally published in the March 2009 issue of Which Caravan magazine)

For more great caravanning tips why not find out more about the monthly Go Caravan magazine by clicking here.

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