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Caravan toilets – do's and don'ts


  Caravan Toilets: The Ultimate Guide

What to do and what NOT to do.

Our technical expert has put together some quick tips to ensure you don't end up in a sticky situation...

Caravan toilets are an everyday part of your caravan life, but if you are new to caravans and caravanning then here are your top five do's and don'ts for caravan toilets.

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  1. Caravan Toilet Do's
  2. Caravan Toilet Dont's
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Caravan Toilet Do's

Here are the five things you should always do with your caravan toilet.

Try to avoid formaldehyde-based chemicals

Only empty your toilet in a properly designated facipty

Be prepared to empty it daily if you have a large –   or lazy – family

Use chemical-toilet-specific toilet paper

Give your waste cassette a deep clean twice a year with proper cleaner

Caravan Toilet Don'ts

Here are the five things you should never do with your caravan toilet.

Travel with either the flush or, heaven forbid, the waste tanks even partially full

Empty the toilet into a grey water or water drain

Use with no chemicals in either the waste or flush tanks

Go to bed with the waste tank nearly full

Use bleach or bleach-based products, as this will affect the toilet fluids.

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