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Caravan internet guide – more info


Here we give you a few more details for you to get the most from surfing the web after towing your caravan

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Sending and receiving emails

When on the move it's easiest to use a browser-based email service such as Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Alternatively, your internet service provider may offer a website portal through which you can access your emails.

The beauty of web-based accounts is that they can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smartphone, provided you have an internet connection; it doesn't matter whether you are in the UK or abroad. It's also easy to configure any auto responders. The disadvantage is that you may have to log on each time to see your emails.

Email from your caravanIf you have more than one email address to check you may prefer to use a device-based email client such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook or Thunderbird. These allow you to download your emails from different accounts in one go and store them on your device.

The downside is that you may have problems sending emails as your internet service provider's mail server may not accept the relaying of emails from outside its own network. This is done to reduce spamming and can result in messages such as 'Error 550 – relay not permitted'.

If you know the outgoing mail server settings for the network you are connected to, you can use those instead. For example, the BT wi-fi setting is 'smtp.btopenzone.com'.

Unlocking a cell phone

Cell phone devices supplied as part of a contract are normally locked to that service provider and will only work on their network. This means that, if you go abroad, you may be hit with high data roaming charges for connecting to the internet. One way around this is to purchase a local or international SIM card but you'll need to unlock your device before you can use it.

Every cell phone device has its own unique unlock code. This is based on the phone's make and model number and the IMEI number that makes the phone unique.

Phone unlocking when caravanningThe simplest way to unlock a cell phone device is to ask your service provider to give you the unlock code. There may well be a charge for this, depending on how long the contract has been running. If you are out of contract you may get the unlock code for free. O2 customers on Pay Monthly contracts can request their phones to be unlocked, free of charge, at any time, although this policy does not apply to all handsets.

Unlocking is normally done by putting a different network SIM card in the phone and then entering the unlocking code when prompted. Many online companies and a few high street shops offer unlocking services for a charge, typically up to around £20.

Although it's not illegal to unlock a phone it will almost certainly invalidate any warranty. You might therefore want to think twice about doing so if you have an expensive handset with many months warranty still to run. It is possible to 're-lock' some phones but you shouldn't rely on this.

An iPhone can only legitimately be unlocked by the carrier to which it is locked. The carrier then tells Apple and the process is completed via iTunes. The beauty of this is that the warranty is not affected.

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