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Caravan DIY projects you can try yourself


Caravan DIY projects

Our technical experts have put together these caravan DIY projects for you to try

Page contents

  1. Your DIY toolbox
  2. Electrical DIY jobs
  3. Caravan interior DIY jobs
  4. Practical caravan DIY jobs
  5. Caravan water DIY jobs
  6. About Caravan magazine

Your DIY toolbox

Our first article is our list of the top ten items you are going to need in your caravan toolbox.

Your caravan toolkit

(Photo courtesy of Lydia Bailey)

Top 10 tools for your caravan toolbox

Lydia Bailey reveals ten essential DIY items for caravanners.

However well equipped your garden shed at home might be, a proper toolkit in a case is the essential kit. Find out more about our top ten toolbox items every caravan owner should have...

Your DIY kit  

Caravan electrical DIY jobs

It can feel daunting to start fiddling with the wires and cables in your caravan. But there are lots of electrical DIY jobs you can do yourself, and if you are still not sure, you can always get an electrician to check your work once you have finished.

Upgrade to LED lights

(Photo courtesy of Peter Rosenthal)

Upgrade to LED lights in your caravan

It’s easy to upgrade your old lights in your caravan for LED alternatives following these simple steps. Here's what Peter has to say:

"Fluorescent tubes not only give off a rather dull light, but they’re also pretty slow to light up and, worst of all, take far more precious energy out of the leisure battery than they should. The obvious choice is to replace them with LEDs." Find out more...

Upgrade to LED lights  


How to install a solar panel

(Photo courtesy of Rod Farrendon)

How to install a caravan solar panel

How Rod Farrendon selected, installed and improved a solar power system for off-grid and winter use of his beloved Bailey Unicorn.

"Before deciding on a solar power system I carried out much research, mostly online. I also talked to other caravanners who had fitted solar power and I emailed potential suppliers." Find out more...

Installing solar panels  


Caravan battery wiring

(Photo courtesy of Terry Owen)

Caravan battery wiring fix

Terry Owen explains how to how to wire a leisure battery safely and attach multiple electrical devices to your caravan's battery.

"You buy a new caravan, and there are just two leads to the battery. Then you add a motor mover, solar panels, additional batteries and the wiring becomes a nightmare." Find out more...

Battery wiring fix  


Fitting your caravan with LED lights

(Photo courtesy of Mark Williams)

Fitting your caravan with LED lights

Mark Williams is off to a music festival for a week in the summer in his caravan, without hook-up, so he's working to reduce the Elddis’ power requirements, starting with an upgrade to LED lighting.

"With the prospect of six days running on my leisure battery, it was time to take a look at the lighting. Find out how I reduced the drain on my battery with LED lights."

Fitting LED lights  


Installing an extractor fan

(Photo courtesy of Rod Farrendon)

Installing an extractor fan

Rod finds it easy to install a ceiling mounted extractor fan without drilling any holes!

"Since we started going off-grid, we've been using a 12V clip-on fan for cooling. I must admit, he's a noisy little fellow. Find out more about how we fixed it..."

Installing an extractor fan  


Fitting a Solar Panel

(Photo courtesy of Mark Williams)

Fitting a solar panel

Going Solar: Mark Williams' jaunt to a week-long music festival with no hook-up demanded a new energy supply. It was time to take Elvis the Elddis solar.

"Creating an off-grid caravan from the Mistral was merely a question of cutting power use on the 12V circuit as much as possible and adding a solar panel." Find out more...

Fitting solar panels  


Caravan interior DIY jobs

Feeling crafty? Why not spruce up your caravan interior with some of these fabulous DIY projects? Fun to try and incredibly rewarding, plus you will love your personalised interiors and your caravan will feel more like home.

Storage for your caravan project

(Photo courtesy of cassiefairy.com)

Storage for Cassie's caravan project

Founder of cassiefairy.com and Caravan magazine contributor, Cassie Greenacre looks to children's storage solutions for creative caravan cabinetry.

"It’s true that I’ve been working on the renovation of my four-berth Alpine Sprite for nearly three years now and I’m constantly doing little DIY projects on the caravan while continuing to use the space as my home office." Find out more...

DIY storage  


Caravan kitchen makeover

(Photo courtesy of Tony Brown)

Caravan kitchen makeover

Refurbish your caravan kitchen in a morning, the Tony Brown way.

"My daughter’s ten-year-old Abbey Iona developed a loose kitchen tap and examination showed that the swivelling spout had seized, causing the whole tap and plumbing to rotate until the large plastic fixing nut became quite free." Find out more...

Kitchen makeover  


Fixing your caravan blinds

(Photo courtesy of Derrick Davies)

Fixing your caravan blinds

Got some issues with your caravan blinds? It’s easy to fix when you know how!

"Recently the roller blind in my caravan jammed and would not retract. Fortunately, it can be relatively easy to repair using a little patience and basic hand tools." Find out more...

Caravan blinds  


Plastic window repair

(Photo courtesy of Ian Pedley)

Plastic window repair - step by step

Get rid of pesky scratches and marks with this quick and easy project!

"I must have touched one of the concrete fence posts with the offside rear window, putting a six-inch set of deep scratches along the middle of it." Find out how Ian fixed it...

Fixing plastic windows  


How to make a magazine rack

(Photo courtesy of Terry Acreman)

How to make a magazine rack for your caravan

Caravan stuck on your drive? Looking for a quick project? It's simple to make a magazine rack.

"A magazine rack is simple to make and provides some much-needed storage – a place for not only magazines but maps and all those bits and bobs, too." Find out more...

Make a magazine rack  


Making your own pillowcases

(Photo courtesy of Sandy Evans)

Making your own pillowcases

Feeling crafty? This pillowcase DIY will jazz up the beds in your caravan and add a touch of personality.

Sandy Evans from Devon is a true crafty caravanner and enjoys spending time with her family in their six-berth Sterling Celebration called Stanley. She loves creating things for her caravan and has shared this quick make with Caravan readers. Find out more...

Making pillowcases  



Practical DIY jobs for your caravan

There are some practical things about your caravan that could be improved. Motor movers help you to move your caravan around, and a tracking system will help to keep your caravan secure. Here are some practical DIY projects you could try for yourself.

How to fit a motor mover

(Photo courtesy of MG Caravans)

How to fit a motor mover

Make pushing and pulling your caravan into position a thing of the past with a motor mover.

"Simply pulling onto your pitch and slotting the caravan perfectly into position is eminently satisfying, more often than not it’ll need a little fine-tuning." Find out more...

Fitting a motor mover  


Fitting a caravan tracker

(Photo courtesy of Rewire Security)

Fitting a caravan tracker

Keeping your caravan safe can be made much easier by installing a safety device.

"When I bought my caravan, I looked at having a tracker fitted but prices were from £200 to £400, plus £150 for fitting, plus an annual subscription of anything up to £200 for the monitoring service, so I searched for a cheaper option." Find out more...

Fitting a caravan tracker  


How to Fit a Motor Mover

(Photo courtesy of John Sootheran)

It's easy to fit a motor mover

How easy is it to home fit a caravan motor mover? Pretty simple, as it happens, as long as you’re reasonably handy. Caravan takes up the challenge.

"I’m handy with a spanner, but I’m not trained in any way,” says Kim, our motor mover-fitting guinea pig. In fact, Kim is Caravan’s IT guru and a caravanning newbie." Find out more...

How to fit a motor mover  


Caravan water DIY jobs

Kitchens, showers, toilets and taps. Water can make or break your caravan experience. Here are some water-based DIY projects you can do yourself and save a lot of money in the process.

Fixing a cassette flush

(Photo courtesy of Clare Kelly)

Fixing a cassette flush

A problem with your cassette toilet can quickly be resolved with a little know-how...

"Got an issue with your toilet? Not flushing as you would expect it to? Before you rush off to get it fixed, take a look at this project and see if it’s something you can fix yourself!" Find out more...

Fixing cassette flushes  


Ensuring the perfect shower

(Photo courtesy of Alde)

Ensuring the perfect shower

Fitting a thermostatic mixer to your hot water system in your caravan guarantees comfortable and safe showering.

"Anyone who's ever showered in a caravan will know how tricky it can be to get the temperature just right. What's more, turning the shower on and off to save water just makes things worse." Find out more...

The perfect shower  


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