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Quirky caravans – the Campmaster Lightweight Caravan


No area of our lives has been untouched by the coronavirus pandemic – our living rooms have become offices and a simple trip to the supermarket has never been more complicated. And of course, it’s also changed the way we holiday.

It’s no surprise then that caravanning has become more popular in the past 12 months with people who’d have previously never considered getting a caravan, choosing to buy one.

This is of course great news for our hobby but there’s many caravanners who don’t have a large towcar or the confidence to tow a big outfit.

This is where the Campmaster Lightweight Caravan comes in. Dominic Ryder, owner of Camperlands in Manchester, explains what makes these little tourers unique.


Can you tell us what makes this caravan different to anything else on the market?

The Campmaster Lightweight Caravan (CMLC) is lighter than any other micro caravan with an unladen starting weight of under 400kg. This enables the CMLC to be towed by the smallest current vehicles and, with electric cars and hybrid cars having limited towing capacities, the CMLC is towable by virtually any car.


How was the Campmaster developed?

We are the UK's largest trailer tent importer and retailer and we saw a gap in the market for a lightweight caravan that could be used single-handedly. Many couples and singles want a caravan but require one that is easy to use – the CMLC is easy to manoeuvre when unhitched from the car and will also fit in any garage with room to spare. It's a great space-saver.


Who do you think the caravan will appeal to? Is it suitable for those new to caravanning?

The CMLC appeals to singles and couples; however, a large four-berth awning is available which will sleep four people, meaning the master bed in the caravan could be for parents and the awning for the kids. Customers are nervous about towing caravans so the CMLC will appeal to newcomers.


What size towcar do you need to tow the CM LC?

The CM LC can be towed by virtually any car starting at 1000cc. Many classic cars have limited capacity so the CM LC fits the bill.


Please can you describe the on-board features?

The CM LC3 comes fully loaded with rear kitchen including fridge, cooker, sink and ample storage. The XL double bed comes with a bed float and quickly converts into a comfy seating and table area for daytime use.

Mains, 12V electrics with fitted lights and USB sockets are all standard. The side windows have blackout blinds and mosquito net blinds. The seating includes lumbar support and when sat down you can stretch your legs full length and relax.

The CM LC comes with a small screen/tablet holder and a radio with Bluetooth and built-in speakers.


Would you recommend purchasing any extras?

We stock a range of different awnings and sun canopies that are carefully selected and adapted to provide a proper fit onto the CM LC and these are an extension of the caravan.

Customers spend far more time in the awnings than the caravans so the awnings and sun canopies are important to the customer. Our customers know what will suit their lifestyle so we believe we have this covered.

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