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Explorer caravans get lighter for 2015


Explorer Group reduces weights in two ranges

Two new family caravans in the budget Xplore range are among 13 new models to be introduced by the Explorer Group for 2015.

Weights are being reduced in the Elddis Crusader and Compass Rallye ranges; exact weights are yet to be announced.
Most prices are rising although some models stay the same.
Buccaneers will be wider and will have self-levelling systems and underfloor heating.


There are two new layouts in the Xplore range, both designed for families. The 434 has two lounge areas; the rear lounge m. The 526 also has two living areas; the rear sector contains bunk beds and a dining area which makes into two more bunks. The 530 layout, with a side dining area and rear shower room, is discontinued for 2015.

The Xplore range uses the Whale water and space heating system with a control system which switches off the pump when the external water container becomes empty.
Prices of Xplore models are to rise. The 304, for example, goes up by £200, to £12,349, and the twin-bed 574 goes up by £300, to £14,499. 

Elddis Avanté, Affinity and Crusader

There are two new layouts in the Elddis ranges, one in Avanté and one in Affinity.

The new Avanté is a four-berth, twin-lounge model, the 564.

The new Affinity is a 554, with a transverse island bed. The bed base structure incorporates a sliding mechanism to enable you to elongate the bed for sleeping and then retract it to create more corridor space to the shower room behind it. A large mirror in the bedroom, on the wall that borders the shower room, enhances the look of space over the entire bedroom and lounge area because a reflection of the lounge is visible almost everywhere in the caravan.
Affinity, the newest Elddis range, launched four years ago, has been updated for 2015 with the introduction of “Skyscape” sunroofs.
The new Ecocamel Orbit showerhead design is introduced in Affinitys, and also Compass Rallyes, for 2015. The head is a white halo-shaped design containing 10 clusters of water spray nodules. The Orbit design injects air into the water stream through a small hole at the base of the handle. When the air mixes with the water, turbulence is caused, forcing the water out of the head with more power, and using less water than a conventional showerhead.

The Crusader range goes into 2015 largely unchanged in terms of layouts, with six models, two of them on single axles. What has changed, though, are weights. Single axle models are now all under 1550kg and the twin-axle Tempest and Supercyclone and under 1790kg. Exact weights have yet to be announced.

Prices of Avanté, Affinity and Crusader models all go up for 2015.

In the Avanté range, for example, the two-berth 462 goes up from £15,499 to £15,949 and the twin-axle 636 rises by £400 to £19,399.

Affinitys rise by between £550 and £800.

Crusaders go up in price for the new model year, too. The single-axle Shamal and Mistral models will be £22,299, up by £700. The twin-axle models all go up by £500, to £24,999.


Compass goes into 2015 with two ranges, the Corona and Rallye. The Omega range has been discontinued.
The number of Corona layouts goes up from four to six, with the launch of an end-kitchen two-berth 382 and a twin-lounge 564.
Coronas and Rallyes will have the AL-KO ATC electronic automatic stability control system. Coronas change from the Whale blown-air central heating system to Alde; Rallyes continue to have Alde heating.
Rallye models will go down in weight, making single-axle models less than 1500kg and the two twin-axle models less than 1750kg MTPLM. Exact weights are yet to be announced.
The Rallye range doubles its size for 2015, with four new models. A 482, a two-berth with end shower room, comes in, at £19,999. A 530 with a wide offside dining area, end shower room and nearside kitchen arrives, at £21,199.

A new 540, with a fixed bed, will also cost £21,199. And a 550 comes in. It has an island bed at the rear, and a shower within the bedroom. This model will be priced at £21,599.
Prices of two of the original four Rallyes stay the same, at £21,599 for the 574 and 554. The prices of the twin-axle 634 and 644 go up by £500, to £24,999.


The Buccaneer range gets three new layouts. All Buccaneer models will be wider for 2015, at 2.44m wide, which is 14cm wider than previous models. This means that in the new-layout Buccaneer Cutter and Cruiser models, with transverse island beds, there is no need for a mechanism which retracts the bed slightly to enhance corridor space along its foot.
A third island-bed model comes into this range. The Argosy has its bed against the rear wall. The new Cutter is on a single axle; the Cruiser is a twin-axle version of the layout, with a larger kitchen and longer dresser.
“Skyscape” front rooflights are introduced. Buccaneers get underfloor Alde heating, 100-watt roof-mounted Truma solar panels and remote-controlled self-levelling systems.
Prices of the Caravel and Schooner go up by £2700, breaking the £30,000 barrier at £30,499.
Prices of the new Argosy and Cutter will be £28,499 and the new Cruiser will be £30,499.

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