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Caravan Tracking Systems


Our tracker test showed how one type of tracker, specifically a monitored system by Outsmart the Thief, performed.

If you like the idea of being able to track your caravan, but don't want the expense of a monitored system subscription (though we think it's definitely worth it for the reasons previously mentioned) you can buy a tracker unit that will sync to an App on your smartphone.

It gives you your caravan's location anywhere in the world in real time.

Here, we've listed several trackers both monitored and app-based:

Outsmart the Thief

outsmart the thief
W 606060.com
Price Supply & Fitting £688 (Alarm & Tracker)
Annual monitoring cost £95

This tracker includes OTT's 'Lockdown' system which combines the caravan tracker with an alarm system. Together they act as a great deterrent and combine to prevent unauthorised entry or theft.

Two intelligent self-levelling tilt sensors detect movement along or across the vehicle (including when the caravan is hitched), a wireless door contact on the caravan door (can also be fitted to lockers) alerts you to forced entry, while a wireless PIR detector inside will trigger the system if there is any motion detected when the alarm is armed.

Lockdown includes two rolling-coded key fobs to arm the system (prevents thieves from RF 'grabbing' the code), and a long list of optional extras are available to personalise the level of security to your individual requirements.


phantom tracking

W phantom.uk.net
Price Supply & Fitting £499
Annual monitoring cost £125

This tracker can connect to your existing alarm system or use its own on-board motion sensor so an alert is sent upon alarm activation/sounding or when the vehicle is in motion.

The alert is sent to Phantom's monitoring station who will contact you by phone to advise you of the alert and ask you to confirm whether it is an actual theft-in-progress or a false alarm.

The physical tracker unit features an upgraded rechargeable battery backup, compact footprint/unit with all antennas internal, sophisticated power management system with low power drain.

Daily server check-in with internet portal for customers so you can locate your vehicle anywhere in the world with the included smartphone app and battery monitor. Conforms to Thatcham category 6 for peace of mind and may contribute to a reduction in your caravan's insurance.


back2you tracking
W back2you.com
Price Supply & Self-fitting £195
Annual monitoring cost £0 N/A

This low-cost solution is the most basic of all the options presented yet if you only have the simplest of demands from your tracker, that being your vehicle's location, then why pay for more if you are not going to use it?

Works with a standard pay-as-you-go SIM card so you only pay for the cost of a text message when you want to locate your vehicle, all trackers come set up and ready to track with £15 of credit (lasts 6-8 months of normal usage) and can be topped up at any time.

Not only can you request its current location but the unit will inform you, also via text message, if your vehicle moves a set predetermined distance and allows you to take appropriate follow-up action, e.g. call the police.


W cantrack.com
Price Supply & Self-fitting £199
Annual monitoring cost £67

CanTrack's offering makes it easy to start protecting and tracking your caravan, the device is powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery (6 years battery life for the smaller T7 whilst the larger T9 Battery lasts an impressive 15 years) and has been tested to (in)destruction

It features the highest possible waterproof rating, vibration & shock-proof and capable of functioning in pretty much all weather/climate conditions, from -30°C to +80°C.

This attention to detail continues in its list of capabilities, it includes built-in technology to defeat jammers and detectors, automatic fail-safe systems and a homing beacon for indoor locations which can't rely on GPS alone. It is also the Camping and Caravanning Club's licensed Club Secure asset tracker.

The tracking unit is also easy to transfer to a new vehicle if you want to sell your caravan and put the tracker on your new unit.



W smartrack.eu
Price Supply & Fitting £229
Annual monitoring cost £149(or £399 duration-of-ownership subscription)

Using the most up-to-date, award-winning technology, SmarTrack's system is monitored by their control centre staffed by trained and experienced Security Liaison Offices.

If the tracker is triggered they establish an instant location and will track it until it is retrieved, a security team will then stay with your caravan until a recovery service arrives to return it to you.

This, along with full EU coverage and the ability to monitor your tracker from a mobile app as well as in real-time from your computer, means your caravan is as protected as you need it to be and may also reduce your insurance premium.

The tracker also features motion sensors and a battery backup in case of the vehicle battery failing/cut-off. Installation is done covertly and the tracker comes in a nondescript water and dustproof box so it stays hidden and unnoticed.



W trackerdirect.co.uk
Price Supply & Fitting £249
Annual monitoring cost £149 (or 5 years for £649)

Tracker's Retrieve unit is fitted as standard to all Swifts and Bailey's Unicorn range, though it doesn't mean that if you don't own these makes then you can't have one. They can be fitted into any make and model of caravan.

The Retrieve features patented VHF technology that enables tracking even when a caravan is concealed in a container, a lock-up or underground car park.

It's high tech tracking system is also not affected by signal jammers and with a long battery life boasting up to 5 years standby, the fast and effective recovery of your caravan is a near certainty.

It comes under Thatcham category 7 and may help lower your insurance premiums.

Read about our simulated caravan theft here!

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