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Advertising feature - Noisekiller Acoustics

NOISEKILLER Acoustics are known for their soundproofing kits but they do so much more besides. Following their purchase of Centinel, they have now expanded their range of security products

Noisekiller UK have researched, designed and developed a range of sound proofing materials that can be used in the automotive, marine, domestic and industrial sectors.

The vehicle soundproofing kits have been selling well for years now, but they also produce the neat and effective Clutch Claw, a compact, yet highly effective deterrent against vehicle theft.

Security boxes are also available, a big favourite with tradesmen who carry valuable tools in their vehicles. Now, following the purchase of Centinel, Noisekiller have added their two security posts to their catalogue.


Ian Wallace reviews the Noisekiller soundproofing kit:

“One major drawback concerning my motorhome is the noisy diesel engine. I had come to accept this downside from my fun vehicle: however, it did from time to time become quite annoying.

I had great difficulty in hearing my navigator, who had to shout instructions to me, and I often had to ask for a repeat.

I had also gone to the length of installing two extra speakers in the cab area to allow me to hear my sound system.

Could anything be done, I wondered, to muffle this racket and bring back the pleasure I had when driving my petrol cars?

Well, I think I have found just the kit, which has been designed to reduce the noise from diesel-engined vehicles.

When I was asked to review a Noisekiller kit, I was very curious and extremely interested. These kits have been designed and made to measure in the UK for each model of base vehicle so far used for motorhomes.

The beautifully made kit came in 29 parts, which consisted of one quilt-covered lead blanket, along with 14 numbered absorption mats or pads, with the remainder of the kit for the door and footwalls.

This weighed in at a substantial total of 12.4kg. Each numbered piece (except the largest, which is the floor mat) had been cut exactly to size. Any jigsaw expert will find this installation simplicity itself!

The two areas of the vehicle covered are the engine compartment (pieces numbered 1 to 7a) and the cab (pieces 8 to13). The materials for the soundproofing are four different composites.

The foil-faced pads for the bonnet are made from fireproof British Standard rated Class O acoustic foam with a self-adhesive, vibration damping side to be applied to clean, dry surfaces.

The damping pads are designed to reduce noise created by vibrations of the bonnet whilst absorbing the airborne sounds. The acoustic foam absorbs the noise of the engine and the foil facing has a wipe-clean surface.

The quilt lead sandwich blanket over the engine is of complex construction. In the middle is a sheet of lead to block the passage of sound. Either side of that is a layer of sound-absorbing glass fibre. That in turn is surrounded by quilted Teflon, which is waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to oil and grease.

It has been beautifully made with bound and sealed edges and has an eyelet at each corner for easy fixing.

The larger black non-adhesive mats for the interior floor are made from the same foam, sandwiched between two damping sheets for maximum noise reduction.

These waterproof mats are placed underneath the existing carpets. There is no need to lift up any fixed flooring. The purpose of the damping sheets is to reduce vibrations from the vehicle floor, whereas the acoustic foam absorbs the road noises that penetrate the floor.

The barrier mats, which are used to cover the engine interior right across the bulkhead and inside the vehicle over the wheel arches and step, are heavy-duty, foil-faced, polymer damping sheets with self-adhesive release paper.

The mouldable capabilities of this barrier mat allow it to form a shape to block out reverberations as well as exhaust and road noise.

They are designed to reduce the tremors from the metal structures of the ‘van. These barrier mats are also claimed to improve the sound from your audio equipment, particularly the bass sub-woofers.

I spent about five hours on the installation, but it could be done in much less. I suggest you fully absorb the well-laid-out instructions before you put any of the material in place.

One small piece of the black mat, which is designed to be simply inserted under the driver’s seat, caused me to take off the seat and lift out the leisure battery before I could put this piece down.

I also had to unscrew the plastic edging around the foot-wells in order to lift out the plastic step covers and stick down the mats. I had to make radial cuts in the pads for the wheel arches, as this makes them easier to fit around the curves.

When I first started the engine after the installation, I realised what a difference the kit made in muffling the sound from the engine: its clatter was dulled quite dramatically.

The mats do really perform extremely well as they have entirely eradicated the noise from below. My music plays sweetly, with our conversations quiet yet audible.

I was very impressed with this well-made kit, which I think should be installed by the manufacturer of every motorcaravan while it is being built. What a difference that would make!

The Noisekiller kits cost £179 including VAT and carriage.


The NoiseKiller Clutch Claw has achieved wide acclaim from the motoring press, and has been chosen by Scottish Office and City Mex to protect their LCV commercial fleets.

In attack tests carried out by FAST CAR Magazine using a professional car thief, the Clutch Claw resisted attack for 30mins and 58secs - almost twice as long as it’s nearest Thatcham approved rival.

Most mechanical security devices rely on restricting the steering wheel from being turned and most are overcome in seconds by attacking the wheel not the device. The Clutch Claw locks the clutch and the brake pedals together, thus stopping the vehicle from being driven.

The new “Mark 4” Clutch Claw uses a series of pegs located under the top box, these are adjustable along the length of the top box.

Once the pegs are set the device becomes “dedicated” to that vehicle, locking the two pedals together and “jamming” them against the bulkhead/floor of the vehicle.

The Clutch Claw does not require any additional “bolt on” brackets. The Clutch Claw will fit virtually all LCV’s (Ford Transits, Peugeot Boxers etc.) 4 x 4’s and Cars that have at least 75mm of pedal bar showing below the dash.

Noisekiller Clutch Claw is compatible with all Land Rover models.

Once the Clutch Claw is set, it can be located and locked in seconds, and is small enough to be stored under the seat. The key is not required to lock it.

The Clutch Claw cost £89.95


A well installed security post is still your most effective first line of defence.

Not only will it present a physical barrier to the removal of a caravan or motorhome from your driveway, it will also help to protect your house contents by denying close vehicular access, slowing down the loading of stolen goods and making the thieves’ actions far more conspicuous.

For it to be effective, any security post needs to be correctly installed. Although this is a task that can be quite easily carried out by most competent amateurs, it does require quite a bit of physical effort, making it rather pointless expending all that energy on an inferior product.

The all new C2 security post is the culmination of over 14 years’ experience in producing the ultimate mechanical security.

The first generation C2 post was launched exactly two years ago, but Centinel pride themselves on always reacting to customer feedback, so that all products are continually undergoing improvement and development.

It was after listening to customers, which include the police, as well as commercial and domestic users, that Centinel developed a new lock of exceptional strength, which is now one of the most noteworthy features in the latest version of this classic security product.

This removable 10 pin lock is exclusive to Centinel and is made by renowned locksmiths, Lowe & Fletcher, with a special, case hardened front section which makes it highly drill resistant.

The locking mechanism has also been improved, having had an anti-flex bar fitted, which makes the locking engagement more rigid and secure.

The main upright has a unique one-piece construction, making it less vulnerable to attack. The upright section is 60mm square with a wall thickness of 5mm and the installed height is 670mm above the ground.

On the front and sides of the post is a photo-luminescent, glass beaded tape, ensuring high visibility at night, for both safety and security. An easy-lift handle makes it as easy as possible for the owner to manoeuvre the post, either to remove it from its base or to lower it into position.

The base plate (the part which is concreted into the ground) has also undergone modification, so that the lid is now non-flip, with drainage holes to ensure that water runs straight through.

A new lubrication hole in the lid ensures that with proper maintenance, the mechanism with give you trouble free use for many years. Extra bases can also be purchased so that your C2 post can be used in more than one location.

The security versions are available in two versions:

The C1 is available for £185 and the new C2 version costs £125.


Noisekiller Acoustics (UK) Ltd
103 Denbydale Way
Oldham OL2 5UH
Tel: 0161 652 7080

Web: www.noisekiller.co.uk

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