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12 of the best awnings: Part 1


Awnings are one of the most important caravan accessory purchases that you'll make, but it's important that you get the right one for your needs and tourer.

If you're not sure about what kind of awning is for you, take a look at our guide to choosing caravan awnings and come back to read the below. If you're ready, then scroll down to discover part one of the best for 2016...

When you're done, don't forget to have a read of part two.


Isabella Universal 420 and 360 Coal

Available in two widths, 4.2m and 3.6m, with a depth of 2.3m, the new Universal porch is designed for year-round touring, being strong and rigid enough to withstand extreme winter conditions.

Its steel frame makes it durable enough to be used on a seasonally-sited caravan, too.

The roof is shaped with a slope towards the front, so that snow will slide off it. And the mudwall lies outwards, so that snow will lay on top of this, creating a seal at the base of the awning.

The Isacryl fabric is fibre-dyed acrylic; the fibres are dyed before being made into yarn to make the fabric highly fade-resistant.

The frame is equipped with T-Rex clamps, a new locking mechanism with a powerful bite, designed for easier tensioning of the poles. It’s activated by one press of the hand grip and a click tells you it’s  firmly applied.

Isabella has also launched a door canopy for the Universal 420 (RRP £206), to create shelter over either of the side doors of this porch.

Price £1704 (RRP for 420)

Material ISACRYL fabric

Frame Steel

Suitable for Year-round caravanning


Quest Carina 420

The new Carina air-frame porch is also available in a 3.5m width.

It’s inflated from four separate tubes, or you can opt for a single inflation kit which enables you to pump the air in through one aperture. This option makes the Carina a unique porch.

All three front panels can be zipped out, or they can be half-opened to create a verandah-style effect.

Mesh windows are at both sides of the porch.

In the 420 size, the two  side-front panels are 2.6m wide and the centre one is 2.8m. In the 350 size, the two side front panels are 2.4m wide and the centre one is 2.6m. Both units have two wide doors at the sides.

All seams have tape covers for strength and durability. The zips have baffles to protect them from moisture.

The mudwall is made of PVC and is designed to be pegged down, as is also the  caravan-side draught skirt,  for extra protection in windy conditions.

Price £850 (RRP)

Material Hydrotech XT 300-denier fabric

Frame Air

Suitable for Touring


Dorema President XL280 De Luxe

With the rise in popularity of seasonal siting, this model is also one to consider for main family holidays when you want plenty of space.

It’s made of TenCate Dormatex fabric made specially for Dorema, in a two-tone grey.

It has exterior window blinds of the same fabric, a feature that makes it ideal for seasonal siting. You can buy your President a full mesh side panel for an extra £99, for maximum ventilation in good weather. And you can get a Palma awning canopy (these fit all new Dorema awnings and are great for family holidays) for £184-£311 (RRP) depending on the size of awning you require.

Price £1427 – £1984

Material TenCate coated polyester fabric

Frame Steel 

Suitable for Family holidays and also seasonal pitching


SunnCamp Inceptor 390

The Inceptor is deeper than most, at 3.25m. It has three windows in the roof, all with blinds. Three of the panels can be zipped out completely. What makes the Inceptor different for 2016 is that it’s now deeper than before, and its fabric has been upgraded to SunnCamp’s hard-wearing new 300-denier material.

Price £699

Material PRO-TEK 300-denier fabric

Frame Air

Suitable for Touring


Bradcot Modul-air

This unique concept, of a porch divided into sections, so that you can use just part (for weekends) or all of it (for holidays), first arrived in metal frame form, called the Bradcot Modus. Now, the concept has been launched with an air frame.

The base unit is 3.9m wide. Its frame is inflated from a single point. That’s the part you’d take with you for weekends. When you need more space you simply take more of the Modul-AIR’s sections with you. And a front closure section turns the Modul-AIR into a full awning. Additional sections are 1.3m (£498), 65cm (£332) and front section (£496); you can buy as many as you need to give you more space.

The Modul-AIR is made of TenCate All Season polyester, the same fabric that is used for Bradcot’s established Aspire Air porches. There’s a single inflation point  for the base unit and  each extension has its own inflation point.

Price £1483 for 3.9m base unit

Material TenCate All-Season coated polyester fabric

Frame Air

Suitable for Holidays or weekends


Kampa Rally Air Pro 390

This is the latest version of a best-selling porch, now with zip-out side panels and curtains on the side windows. Another change for 2016 is that all three front panels now have unimpeded access through the aperture when they’re zipped out, with nothing to  step over.

The Rally Air Pro has three skylights in the front sector of the roof.

The Weathershield fabric is designed for robustness but is, nonetheless, only a mid-range weight, at 23.3kg for the 390cm size. This porch is also available in 200, 260 and 330 sizes.

Price £799 (RRP)

Material 300-denier Weathershield heavy duty fabric

Frame Air

Suitable for Touring and weekends


• Don't forget to take a look at part two, here.


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