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Rage Alta 4 DX



Packed size
62cm x 32cm x 28cm
Materials Outer polyester; inner polyester; groundsheet polyethylene; poles 11mm glassfibre
Dimensions Outer 480cm x 280cm; inner tents 140cm x 240cm; height 200cm


Rage is a tent brand marketed by Internet retailer Tentastic. Although it may not be a familiar name to many campers, it is starting to make an impact amongst those comfortable shopping on the web. And, of course, it is now advertised in Camping.

Trawl the forums and you will notice that Rage is the rage. And, like most brands discussed, Rage has its detractors as well as supporters. But all agree - you get a lot of tent for your money. Time for Camping to try one out...

Our test Alta 4DX is a simple no-thrills four-pole tunnel that retails for £179.99. Buy from the Tentastic website and you will get £50 off that price - and free delivery.

High and Lows

So, is it worth the money? The answer has to be yes - if you can buy it for £129.99. It may be massed produced and an old design, but many of the gripes one normally experience at this price point have been addressed. For instance, the oversized tent bag provides room for you to pack the tent away. And there are ample sturdy tent pegs supplied. Then there is the 2,000mm hydrostatic head instead of the usual 1,500mm - just the job if we get another wet summer...

As to be expected with a tunnel, pitching is easy. But, the glassfibre poles are heavy. It is best to place under tension as near to the ground as possible to take the strain off the fabric - the pins can then be easily inserted into the pole ends.

Once up two things are noticeable. First, there are four big side windows and, second, the front panel can be unzipped and moved back a pole to create a sun porch/cooking area - or left off completely to open the tent to the sun.

The windows have a vinyl bottom and mesh upper. Each has an external curtain. These big windows provide loads of light and ventilation.

The front panel contains a door that unzips and folds to the left. A large triangular window backed by curtains, lie each side of the door.

When not in use, the living area groundsheet can be easily rolled up out of the way to allow the grass to breathe. This environmentally friendly and traditional camping practice is aided by the ability to tie up the tent walls for additional ventilation.

There are two two-berth inner tents. These have the usual mesh and privacy doors, and benefit from dark ceilings to cut out some of the early morning daylight.

The Alta may be an old design, but it is a surprisingly good tent for the money - especially if you can pick it up at the discounted price. It is a neat contender for your money if you are a first-time family camper out during the summer months - or if you are out to buy a simple tent that does not boast the thrills and design features of the more expensive branded products. CG


Rage Alta 4 DX
Tel: 01772 705070

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