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Outdoor Revolution 2-LITE


PRICE £49.99
WEIGHT 3.56kg

Packed size 55cm x 15cm x 20cm
Materials Outer Polyester 2,000mm hydrostatic head; inner breathable polyester; groundsheet polyethylene; poles fibreglass
Dimensions Outer 215cm x 230cm (160cm); inner 130cm x 210cm; height 130cm (inner 120cm)


The 2-LITE is a neat two-pole tunnel that certainly looks the business. The silver-grey colorway is set off a treat by the green trim and the large front with that slope towards the back certainly gives the impression of a technical tent.

However, while a competent performer at its price point and certainly well made, technical it is not. It is the sort of tent that will appeal to many image-conscious campers on a budget who want to look the part while they enjoy their summer camps. And, it does that job admirably.

It is hard to fault the 2-LITE. We tested it in very windy conditions that revealed the potential inadequacies of those thin glassfibre poles.

Although they stood up well to the gusts when pitched with the support of the four guys, getting them into that position led to a few worrying moments as they flexed alarmingly under the wind’s violence. But, if you are going to buy a tent at this price point you probably will not use it in such poor weather conditions.

Inside, ventilation is taken care of by a rear vent that is protected by a bellows held open by a Velcro prop – the windy conditions probably helped a lot to keep condensation down. That sharp slope to the outer door maximises headroom and provides a large footprint to porch for cooking rucksack and boots. It has a porch groundsheet.

The large front door makes access easy. It has single zips that cannot be cracked at the top for additional ventilation – although the Velcro tabs do allow the doors to be held closed when the zips are opened.

This is a transverse tent with campers sleeping side on to the porch. The inner door unzips to one side and is stored in a pocket. The inner has wall pockets, and the vent corresponds to the one in the outer.

Camping says What a little cracker for the price – it certainly makes a change to the common dome tents that proliferate the market at this level.
The Outdoor Revolution 2-LITE will make an eye-catching pup tent for the kids, or even take the budget conscious adults away for a short spell of summer fun. Whatever its use, remember, this tent may look technical but the material is low spec and those poles are a bit thin – watch out if the weather turns grim. CG

Outdoor Revolution
01924 410050

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