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Buff headwear

WHAT the heck is a Buff? That was one of the most asked questions in the UK outdoor industry when this versatile, seamless tubular headwear hit the market in the 90s.

Created by a Spanish dirt bike rider, it was intended to protect against cold and wind, dust and sun while avoiding rubbing and skin irritation.

The novel approach to marketing and product function, as well as hundreds of colours and designs, soon made it a hit and the company has moved from strength to strength.

We now have many variations on the theme using most modern materials to provide the best protection from the elements.

The latest summer collection has now hit the shelf and it contains some neat products. All are made from Coolmax Extreme for ultimate transport of moisture away from the skin while providing a high degree of UV protection. Joining the High UV Protection Buff is the Visor, which is a Buff with a neoprene eyeshade. There is also a narrower headband.

My personal favourite is the Visor EVO_2. This is a lightweight, highly UV resistant, breathable and wickable reversible cap with a neoprene peak. It is so comfortable and, if your follicles are challenged, it will help stop the top of your head from burning.

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy states travellers should always carry a towel. Well, I say make that a Buff. Head wear (soak with water to keep you cool), dust mask, neck warmer, wrist bands, emergency gloves, slings, water filters – I have used mine so many ways that I cannot imagine outdoor life without one.

Expect to pay Buff £10.99; Visor £14.99; Headband £9.99; Visor EVO_2 £15.99.

For details, visit www.buff.eu

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