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BirdVoice player


CAMPERS are all too aware that the countryside is seldom truly quiet – after all, living in a tent is one of the best ways to get up close to nature. However, it is a long hard slog if you want to learn enough to decipher the birdsong that surrounds you. It means finding and identifying the singing bird, then hoping you will hear it enough times to drill the song into your memory. Then, during the winter months you have to listen to recorded song to try and maintain that knowledge.

Well, life has become simpler thanks to BirdVoice. This is inspired. Combine an MP3 player with a pen scanner, load it with birdsong and tag each species in an organiser-bound guide so when you pass the pen over the code it plays the relevant song profile, call or song itself. The pen comes with earphones and a USB connector for upgrades.

The simple Organiser guide consists of a clear drawing, a distribution map and icons to help identify the bird – and, of course, the tags. 

If the organiser is too bulky just buy the laminated Field Guide; a tagged listing that slips easily into the pocket. Or, buy a sheet of stickers that you can use to tag the species pictures in your favourite field guide. Then just scan the tags with your BirdVoice pen to hear the song.

I cannot emphasise how much this has improved the birdwatching experience for me – it has also taken away all the frustrations of being unable to identify that early morning song while I lie snug in my sleeping bag. And, when the weather is bad I now sit at home and annoy the cat by listening to birdsong over the pen’s in-built speaker.

You can even add an audio travel phrase book to your Organiser for when you camp on the Continent. Not only can you identify birdsong,
but you can also translate French, German, and Italian...

If you fancy treating yourself to a BirdVoice player then check out the advert on page 82 of our July 2008 issue for details of a special reader offer.

Expect to pay
Pen £99.95; Organiser £35; Field Guide £15; Stickers £15.


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