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Trailer tent maintenance and storage


Do I need to have my trailer tent serviced regularly?

It’s a good idea – especially if you have purchased a state of the art model with gas, electrical and water services included. These will all benefit from an annual inspection carried out by a professional and if the trailer is covered by a warranty may be a condition of the policy.

For older trailers, keep an eye on the tyres and check they are properly inflated before setting off anywhere. They need the same 1.6mm tread depth as your car, but the tyrewalls are much more likely to wear out before the tread depth gets critical. If you see cracking or bulging here, have them changed.

The hydraulics, hitch, axles and lighting should also be checked at regular intervals and if your trailer has brakes, these should also be inspected and reset every 3,000 miles or so.

I don’t have much room to spare in my garage – can I store my trailer tent outside?

Trailer tents can be stored outside, but it’s essential to pack away the tent properly to avoid some of the problems associated with long term outdoor storage.

Make sure the tent fabric is thoroughly dry before you pack it away. If there’s any dampness – even from condensation build-up inside the tent - this could rot the inner and, in extreme cases, the outer.

The best prevention is to remove the inners and maybe give them a wash before drying on a washing line and re-attaching later. In the meantime, erect the tent and leave to dry outside – ideally on a warm, dry day with some of the vents wide open. Do the same with the awning.

Once you’re happy everything is bone dry, re-attach the inner, collapse the tent and make sure it’s all well folded before re-attaching the cover, and – as a belt and braces measure – firmly attaching a second loose tarpaulin with bungee cords.

If you do have a few feet to spare in you garage, an even better solution is to invest in the brackets which allow a lot of trailer tents to be stored on their side.

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