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How to make a supersize tent peg


Big mistake to observe that I often had tent and windbreak pegs that weren't up to gripping in sandy or boggy ground. The Boy Matthew (BM) pounced on the weakness "Don't whinge - act! Make your own uberpeg and do it properly." It appears that I'm renowned for scrimping and making do with stuff that comes to hand; a sort of Gardeners Question Time's Bob Flowerdew of the camping world.

Below you can follow the fun efforts to produce a fairly durable Super Peg from resources recycled from bits found in the shed. As BM noted, "It's not a peg - it's a beast!" It should work a treat but family and friends have already made pleas that similar pegs are not welcome as Christmas presents. Shame.

Getting materials and tools together was the first step; organisation is the key to averting frustration. You will need: Wood, bracket, screws, square, rope, saw, sandpaper, drill, screwdriver and axe – that’s quite a lot for a modest project.

  1. Provide a cutting guide by marking out the shape of the peg. I used a long length of wood to make handling and 'whittling' easier and safer.

  2. Lacking a vice to hold the wood whilst cutting with a jigsaw, the Ray Mears approach soon had the peg shape formed. He would have taken just a couple of minutes to complete the job, no doubt. Note the industrial safety footwear.

  3. The saw proved useful cutting the guyline notch.

  4. Losing the rough edges was essential; by this time the peg had assumed the status of a sculpture and had to be shaped to my will.

  5. Sandpapering can be very therapeutic.

  6. At last – cutting the peg to length.

  7. Drilling a hole for the handy loop that will help me pull it out of the ground and hang it up to dry.

  8. A simple bracket screwed to the end should stop it splintering when being hammered into the ground.

  9. A handy loop secured with a simple but reliable reef knot.

  10. A long soak in preservative should help to make it last a few years. I left the top until later to avoid mucky hands but might yet paint it with a luminous happy face.

Camping zip

1.supersize tent peg2.supersize tent peg

3. supersize tent peg 4. supersize tent peg

5. supersize tent peg 6. supersize tent peg

7. supersize tent peg 8.supersize tent peg

9. supersize tent peg 10.supersize tent peg

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