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The Best New Camping Lights For 2020


What kind of lighting do you need for your tent?

A lantern for illuminating the inside? A torch for exploring the site at night? A headlamp to keep your hands free?

Here’s selection of what’s new in 2020


Easy Camp Pyro lantern
Expect to pay £16.99
For a little atmospheric light around your tent in the evening, there’s nothing better than a gentle, flickering candle burning. Unfortunately, using a naked flame inside a tent is not the best idea, but this is a good – and safe – alternative. The Pyro lantern has three light settings: flame light, lower flame light and still light, and all provide a cosy glow.

Vango Lunar 250 lantern
Expect to pay £20-£30
New for 2020, the Lunar is a great all-round camping lantern, producing 250 lumens of warm LED light. It comes in three versions – battery powered, rechargeable and solar – all are splashproof and have carry handles and hanging hooks. The Recharge model comes with a USB cable and can be used to charge phones and tablets. The Eco Recharge also has a USB charging cable but can be topped up on the move using the built-in solar panel.

MPowerd Luci Base Camp light
Expect to pay TBC
Luci inflatable, solar lanterns have been getting rave reviews for a few years and this new addition to the range is the biggest of them all. The Base Camp is a powerful and reliable light that’s ideal for camping and outdoor adventures, with 300 lumens, four light modes, mobile charging, and a runtime of up to 50 hours on a single charge. Each Luci sold helps MPowerd provide low-cost, clean light to communities who need it most.

GP Batteries Discovery Compact Kids headtorch
Expect to pay £6.98
One of the best ways to get kids engaged with camping is to let them have their own kit, and this new lightweight headtorch is ideal for that. It comes in four vibrant colours – green, orange, pink and blue – and has three light settings, high, low and flashing. The torch can be easily removed from its soft headband and you can clip it onto clothing or bags. The 40 lumens light will light up to eight metres in front of you and the angle is adjustable. Even better is the price –  at less than £7 this is a real bargain.

Lomo Camping Lantern
Expect to pay £17.50
Robust and powerful, the Camping Lantern from Lomo is ideal as a main light source for your tent when you don’t have electric hook-up. This battery-powered lamp has four lighting levels with the brightest setting providing a maximum of 1,000 lumens. The lantern is made from durable plastic with rubber trims so is rugged enough to take on any camping trip. It’s also weather resistant, so can handle being used outdoors, in damp or wet conditions. The four LEDs give you 360˚ of light and the carry handle folds flat so it doesn’t get in the way when not in use.

Princeton TEC Snap headtorch
Expect to pay £50
The new Snap is a one-stop shop for all of your lighting needs on the move, whether it’s a headtorch for walking, a bicycle lamp or as a lantern or magnetic area light in your tent. The Snap starts out as a straightforward headlamp but the light head can be removed and used independently, either with the included accessories, snapping into place with a strong magnet, or as a handheld torch. The kit includes the main head unit, headlamp attachment, a two-way carabiner mount and clip, and a handlebar attachment.


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