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Hot new camping products for 2013

Camping editor Iain Duff was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some of the best new camping gear for next year. Most of it won’t be in the shops until well into 2013, but we can’t wait to get our hands on it and know you’ll be desperate for a look too. So here’s a rundown of 20 of the products we were most impressed by at the recent OTS trade show. But remember, you didn’t hear it from us!
1 SILVERPOINT LANTERNSilverpoint lantern

The neat little C1 camping lantern claims to be the brightest you can buy running on AA batteries (well the lantern itself doesn’t claim it, but you know what I mean). With 204 lumens of light-power it is bright enough for the biggest tent, but can be dimmed for more intimate surroundings. And in case of emergencies, you can quickly switch to a red light with strobe or SOS flashing available. It packs away small and only weighs 249g including batteries. It won’t be available until spring 2013 and comes with a price tag of £45.



In my days as a cub reporter plodding the rain-soaked streets of Glasgow seeking out murder and mayhem, I would have loved one of these notebooks. Many was the shorthand note that disappeared into a soggy, inky, unreadable mess after another torrential downpour. These days my note-taking, thankfully, is rather less gruesome – more campsite than gang-fight – but strangely I still have the same problem with the rain. If you enjoy keeping a journal during camping trips then you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Which is why this range of waterproof stationery – including notebooks, diaries, travel journals, fishing and birding books, ring binders with index cards and even A4 printer paper - sounds perfect. Ink won’t run, and pages won’t crinkle, tear or stick together if they get wet, making sure your perfectly honed prose is safe for ever.

[email protected]
0116 234 4611

3 MSR REACTOR STOVEMSR reactor stove

The system used in this stove has been on the go for about five years but the new one litre MSR Reactor is aimed at solo campers looking for an even lighter, smaller system. Its unique selling point is that the burner is shielded from the wind – a problem that can cause other stoves to slow or fail altogether. MSR reckon the stove can boil a litre of water in three-and-a-half minutes, 20% faster than its nearest competitor. And outside in a stiff breeze it is even faster. The theory is that because the system demands less fuel you will be able to pack lighter.


Towbag4 TOWBAG

With the amount of equipment needed for a family camping trip these days, trailers are becoming increasingly important. The problem is, where do you store it? The Towbag is a new folding trailer, designed for the camping and leisure market, that can be easily folded away in less than three minutes and hardly takes up any storage space at all. With its metal frame and a durable PVC enclosure, it can carry up to 200kg of camping gear which should be enough for even the most accessory-laden trip. Roof bars can be fitted to the frame to allow you to carry bikes, roof boxes, canoes etc

[email protected]
0151 347 2911

5 CRAGHOPPERS RICARDO SHIRTcraghoppers ricardo shirt

You might not be aware, but slathering suncream on exposed skin is not enough to protect you from the sun. For full peace of mind you really need to ensure that your clothing offers protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays as well. With their new Ricardo short-sleeved shirt, Craghoppers have introduced SolarShield Zinc Oxide (ZnO), which provides 40 UPF sun protection for the lifetime of the shirt. Craghoppers say it also actively disperses heat from the fabric to give a naturally cooling effect in hot weather. A neat feature is the concealed security pocket under the chest pocket.

[email protected]
0844 811 1022

Campingaz camp stove oven6 CAMPINGAZ CAMP STOVE OVEN

This is one for serious campers and serious campsite chefs. You might think an oven is a tad unnecessary for a camping trip and you might be right. But think of all those times you’ve wanted to grab a pizza at the local supermarket then remembered you’ve no way of heating it up on your little double burner stove. Now you can hit the ready meals aisle with vigour. The Campingaz stove oven features two powerful burners and a full-size 900W oven (definitely big enough to fit a pizza). There are carry handles on each side and the lid folds down to protect the burners when not in use. At £249.99 it’s certainly not cheap, but when you think about all those restaurant meals you won’t have to buy, it could pay for itself.


7 KOZI KIDZ RAIN OVERALLkozikidz rain overall

We are all in favour of anything that helps get kids into the outdoors regardless of the weather. That’s what Kozi Kidz are all about as well, and that is the thinking behind their new baby and toddler all-in-one waterproof rain overall. The fabric is water and wind proof and the overall features two full length waterproof zips to make getting in and out as easy as possible. If needed it can be fully unzipped so the child can be lifted out. The long double zip also makes nappy changing easy – or as easy as it ever is. It also features a detachable, elasticated hood, reflector strips, elasticated foot straps and a name label


Gelert fold away whistling kettle8 GELERT FOLD AWAY WHISTLING KETTLE

There are a few silicone fold-away kettles on the market at the moment but this one from Gelert is a little different. As well as working as a kettle, it packs away neatly into an aluminium saucepan base which can also be used as a standalone cooking pot. The lime green silicone body and orange whistle mean it certainly won’t be difficult to find.



It’s the cow print design on this kids’ sleeping bag that really caught our eye. Youngsters will really like having something that looks a bit different to cosy up in. Unfortunately it’s not available in an adult version yet, but judging by the positive reactions we suspect it’s only a matter of time. 


buff infinity10 BUFF INFINITY

The Infinity is the latest addition to the Buff family of neck warmers – and like the rest of the range can be worn in a variety of ways, either with a single, double or triple twist around the neck, as a scarf, headband, hood or hood mask. What makes this different is that it is made with 100% polyester from recycled plastic bottles. The idea is to reduce landfill and the number of bottles floating in the sea and washed up on beaches. And as a further incentive, one per cent of proceeds will be donated to no-governmental organisations working on environmental projects,

01707 852244

11 HITEC ZUUK SHOEShi-tec zuuk shoes

The Zuuk is a lightweight multi-sport shoe that can be folded away in your backpack to relieve tired feet after a hike. They feature a mesh upper designed to keep your feet cool, with an easy to use toggle lacing system. The sockliner lets air circulate around the foot, and has anti-microbial and moisture management properties to keep your foot dry and odour free. We didn’t get a chance to try them out, but the sole is designed to give you unrivalled cushioning and comfort while you walk. There are a variety of colours to choose from but it is probably the vibrant yellow that will catch the eye.

01702 541 771

coleman big basin12 COLEMAN BIG BASIN

I like just about everything about camping but one thing I’m not a big fan of is mummy sleeping bags, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I understand the technical reasons behind them but find them so unbearably constricting that I usually end up unzipping them – thus defeating the purpose. The Big Basin bag is designed for big campers who want to be comfortable rather than squeezed into the equivalent of a human sausage skin. As well as offering more generous than usual dimensions, the Big Basin has a fleece foot section, preventing you from getting cold feet on chilly nights


13 GERBER STEADYgerber steady

The camping accessory world is full of slightly odd combos. There’s the boat/roofbox for one. And how could we forget the laptop computer/camping stove. You can now add the multi-tool/camera tripod to that list. It’s quirky, but I love it. As well as 12 multi-tool components, the Gerber Steady comes with an adjustable mobile phone or camera mount and tripod.

pop and go knickers14 POP & GO KNICKERS

Every year there’s a new product that falls into the Marmite category – you either love it or hate it. In the past we’ve seen SheWee and Bog In A Bag divide opinion, and we reckon Pop & Go knickers will do likewise. Basically these are ladies’ undergarments that can be removed and put on without having to take off your trousers, making them prefect for women on the move. Whether it’s possible to complete the task while retaining your dignity and modesty we’ll let others decide...
Gelert double chair


Never mind luxury yurts and tipis, if you want to experience glamping in a tent then this folding double chair is exactly the sort of thing you need. It’s comfortable and warm and perfect for relaxing after a long, tiring day on the campsite. The steel frame folds up small enough to fit easily into most boots. The soft micro fibre cushion can be removed in warm weather, to let the air circulate around your body through the mesh seat.


16 GO TRAVEL SPEAKER CASEgo travel speakers

Camping and music are perfect bedfellows but there is nothing more irritating than speakers that produce a tinny sound that you can barely hear. Thankfully that’s not a problem with Go Travel’s Speaker Case. Plug in your MP3 player or phone and it is instantly transformed into a mobile music station with surprisingly good sound quality. The transparent rear window allows you to operate touch screen devices while they are zipped inside the case. Alternatively, you can use the integrated, pop-out stands.

vango drypak17 VANGO DRYPAK

The perfect bag to throw all your gear in when you’re out and about and not have to worry about it getting wet, in even the worst downpour. The roll-top seals the bag and a useful vent allows you to squeeze out any excess air. It comes in 15, 20 and 30 litre sizes and will be available in blue or black.


18 JETBOIL SUMOjetboil sumo

This is a new version of the cool-looking Jetboil integrated cooking system. As the name would suggest, this is a bigger version of what has gone before, designed for cooking for larger groups.

The burner and 1.8 litre cooking cup are integrated into a single package and it comes with an insulating jacket. It has push button ignition and comes with a tripod for stability. The pot also has a drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer.

[email protected]
0116 234 4611

coleman cpx led hybrid lantern19 COLEMAN CPX LED HYBRID LANTERN

If you were impressed by Coleman’s innovative CPX system when it was introduced last year, you’re going to love the latest addition to the range. The new Hybrid combines the convenience of a lantern (with three different settings) with the portability of a flashlight. It can be used as anything from a bedside lamp to a bright lantern for lighting up the whole tent.

The flashlight is housed in the centre of the main unit where it gets its charge. It can be used as part of Coleman’s CPX 6 recharging system.


20 PARAMO CASCADA JACKETparamo cascada

The Cascada has been a favourite jacket of the Camping team for a number of years but next year it will be undergoing a makeover. Fans – and there are many - don’t need to panic as we are assured it will continue to be ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities - from fell walking to dog walking, munro bagging to gentle country rambles.  The wired roll-away hood provides protection without impinging on your field of vision while the articulated shoulders and sleeves give you maximum freedom of movement. And there’s even an extra large chest pocket for storing your map.





What are you most looking forward to getting your hands on in 2013? Follow us on Twitter, talk to us on Facebook, or use our forum to share your thoughts!

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