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Crowland Caravans and Camping

I KNOW a lot about Crowland Caravans and Camping – or should I say they know a lot about me. I’m the bloke who rolled up two weeks before a summer holiday with a caravan desperately in need of a service, and thanks to some fine tuning of their appointments list, came away with a Fleetwood fixed and fettled for a fortnight in Filey.

I’m also the bloke whose caravan’s tap packed in 23 hours before a ferry piggy-backed me across the channel for a week in Germany. Yep, that got sorted too.

No, they didn’t know I represented the press. And no, the same might not happen to you, as Crowland don’t keep a fresh box of staff next to the staples in the cupboard ready to break open in times of huge customer demand. The point is, the effort was there for all to see.

Crowland is a newly appointed distributor of the Buccaneer brand, which follows on nicely from the sadly-departed Fleetwood franchise and customer base that inhabits this territory.

You’ll find both Elddis Avanté and Odyssey ranges available, too, providing customers with a doorway to a vast choice of interior layouts such as the simply brilliant Avanté 646.

Crowland Caravans and Camping Crowland Caravans and Camping
Crowland Caravans and Camping

With the staggering value Xplore range now including the new and multi award-winning 302 also resident on the forecourt, it’s clear that Crowland have every price point, taste and caravanning opinion catered for.

You might not know it, but Crowland has decades of experience when it comes to tents as well. Just prior to the new year, a new indoor display centre was created on site that rapidly filled up with a diverse choice of tenting products. There are even more tents too look at in the main building.

When Fleetwood caravans departed this earth, it didn’t mean their dealers’ knowledge and expertise disappeared along with it; Fleetwood owners are a canny bunch and well informed about their tourers.

Little surprise, then, that Crowland is seen as an oasis for Fleetwood owners looking for information, parts or even sourcing one of Suffolk’s finest exports with a view to buying.

There might be an excellent range of cream second hand stock on offer out here, but funnily enough, this isn’t the main reason to visit.

The real reason? Accessories, Accessories, Accessories – and I’m not talking about the bauble type at Monsoon (other bead and bangle shops are available) either, but the sort of shop that gives you real choice and options when choosing anything from sleeping bags to laundry bags. Water containers? There are so many that you run the risk of getting bored while choosing one.

This really is an accessory city and, to me at least, the very best selection of caravanning gear available in the area.


Crowland Caravans and Camping
Postland Road
Cambridgeshire PE6 0JB

Tel: 01733 210186
Web: www.crowlandcaravansandcamping.co.uk (link will open in new window/tab)

* This company profile was first published in the May 2010 issue of Caravan Motorhome & Camping Mart magazine.

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