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Stowford Park Leaderboard - Motorhomes Area - September 2015

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Fixed Single Beds Motorhome Layouts

MMM editorial

The Verdict

If you like the idea of a fixed bed but don't much fancy climbing over your spouse to nip to the loo during the night this could be the layout for you. These motorhomes are a variation of the fixed double bed layout and simply replace the double with two permanent single beds running down either side. Often there is a filler cushion at the head end to bridge the gap between the two beds. Often they are high to make room for a large garage, so expect to climb steps to get to bed.

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At A Glance

The pros and cons of fixed single beds are:

  • No need to assemble beds
  • Separate beds
  • Ideal for those with mobility issues
  • Some lack cavernous underbed storage
  • Separate beds
  • Lack of headroom in high beds

Full Details

A variant of the transverse fixed double, you can also get two seperate permanent single beds which sit above the garage and are accessed by a small staircase

This design has its fans as it eliminates the need for one person to climb over the other in the usual manner, whilst the garage below will still be tall enough for bikes and other kit.

With this option, fill-in cushions can sometimes turn the two singles into one massive double - although with the stairs covered you might need to pole-vault into bed!

This layout can be seen in many coachbuilt motorhomes of varying lengths and prices. Indeed, it is growing in popularity and so can be seen in massive A-class motorhomes right down to van conversions.

Of course at the top of all kids' wish lists you'll find bunk beds, and these are indeed available in a motorhome. Click here to read about the bunk-bed equipped motorhome layout.

A third fixed single layout is where two singles sit ahead of the end washroom, creating a central pathway to it (see cutaway diagram). The beauty of this? It's close to the bathroom and is perfect for those not able to share a double - no clambering required.

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