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How to change a gas mantle

Posted on 20 Oct 2012

John Traynor

Be careful - it will be hot!
Be careful - it will be hot!

Whatever the make or model of your lantern or the fuel it burns, it will use a mantle. And that mantle will eventually break and need replacing. But, do not fear, our easy-to-follow guide will make the tricky job easy.

Rather than use a new all-singing, all-dancing lantern, our demonstration model has seen many years’ service and should last many more. All we need to do is change the mantle when necessary. Although a gas lantern, the following instructions are just as valid for those that burn other fuels.

  1. Remove the gas cartridge – it is then easier to manoeuvre the lantern as needed.
  2. Lift the lid and remove the glass globe that surrounds the mantle.
  3. Remove any remnants of the old mantle.
  4. Slide a new mantle into place over the gas pipe; that is easier to read than to do. At first, it seems impossible but persevere slowly and it will fit.
  5. Hold a lighted match or lighter near the mantle and it will begin to burn off and shrink into the more brittle form that will give off light when the gas is lit.
  6. It takes a little while as the material only smoulders. The burning gives off acrid smoke so it is best done outdoors.
  7. Carefully replace the globe and lid and re-attach the gas cartridge.
  8. (Main image) Adjust the gas valve to suit and bask in the glow of success or close it completely to shut it off. Remember that the globe will be red-hot!


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7. how to change a gas mantle

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